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FS: Siemens/Benq-Siemens Prototypes

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Posted by kura998
Hi !
I was not on the esato for very long time. Now I want to sell some Siemens/Benq-Siemens Prototypes.


SL98 - it was working until the moment when the battery is uncharged (But at this moment you can see only "blinking LED" while is charging)

CL61 - there is a problem with the antenna (In my hometown i can not make a call, but in bigger city there is one bar of the signal strength)

SL91- fully usable (without battery and back cover) (photo of it I will include later)

All of them are prototypes.

SG75 - i don't remember if it works or not ( I don't have battery to check )
SXG75 - fully usable (there is only problem with the firmware/hardware of graphic (there are graphic distortion on the screen)

benq-siemens e71 -it was fully working but there is no battery cover

To the SG75 & SXG75 I would not include batteries because their are sth like that and discard them to the recycle bin).

Price is difficult question

I think that 130 Euro for all phones + 10-20 Euro for shipping is a good price

Of course you can tell me your offer , and we can make a deal

Greetings Mateusz Kurowski

Posted by NoviS

I would like to buy these phones. I have registered here right after I (accidentally ) found this topic.
My offer is 400 zl + 30 zl shipping costs (usual price of sending similiar parcel from poland to Czech republic).
I´m just confused a bit, so I want to make sure that the only phones which don´t have battery covers are SL91 & E71. Am I right?

Best regards,
L. Novák

Posted by Zsolthy
i intrested, for the sl98 proto. i'd offer 40-50€ for it. thanks.

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