BenQ Mobile further expands product portfolio at CeBIT

10 March 2006 by axxxr
BenQ-Siemens announced six new models for the CeBIT. This year is really dynamic for the company, as by now they have presented 12 new phones, including those six. This time, the new additions are EL71, C81, CF61, CL71, E61 and P51. The new series are all multimedia devices with music features. The CL71 and E61 models have iF product design awards. The E61 phone also has the red-dot award for design.

Since its launch the company has demonstrated its ability to lead the market with technological innovations, and was proud to announce last month that the EF91 will be the first handset to bring the benefits of HSDPA to consumers, in time for the Football World Cup. BenQ Mobile is also the first company to incorporate innovative screen technologies into its range, building on the particular expertise of BenQ in this area. The S88, launched in January, features an outstanding 2.0 inch Active Matrix OLED display that shows images in brilliant color, and the CL71, launched today, uses IPS to offer consumers high definition viewing, even at a wide angle.   

Additionally, the BenQ-Siemens brand has become associated with elegant and ingenious design, incorporating real materials such as aluminum and brushed steel to create a superior user experience. A third of the new handsets have been awarded a coveted iF product design award, including the CL71 launched today. The E61 will go to the market even with two design awards: The iF and red-dot design award 2006. One clear theme brought to life across the portfolio is ultra-slim design and the launch of the EL71 brings this trend to the slider category, complementing the clamshell EF81 and bar phones S68 and S81 launched earlier this year.   

Rooted in the theme of exploration and a desire to find new ways to communicate, the BenQ-Siemens brand is set to engage consumers with innovative ideas as it continues to announce new products throughout 2006. Clemens J. Joos, CEO of BenQ Mobile comments, “ Within quarter one alone we have launched 12 new handsets under the new BenQ-Siemens brand, combining technical know-how with design flair in an original way that will excite consumers. Operators are certainly showing confidence in our approach, with many of our products now listed across the major regions, and I have great confidence that consumers will identify with the spirit of the BenQ-Siemens brand. You should expect the unexpected in 2006"   

Beyond new handsets, BenQ Mobile continues to break new ground with integrated technology and partnerships that will deliver an enhanced experience for consumers. Today it announced a deal with Google to preinstall a selection of mobile search services on a range of handsets. The relationship will enable BenQ mobile phone users to more quickly and easily access information they need while on-the-go. In addition BenQ Mobile has confirmed that it will be the first manufacturer to offer comprehensive Services over Air (S.O.A), allowing consumers to extend and update their mobile software on the move at any time. This means BenQ Mobile consumers have greater flexibility over the configuration and personalization of their mobile phones.   

At the start of 2006 BenQ Mobile committed that it would place significant focus on multimedia and today’s line up of new handsets delivers on this promise. All of the new phones launched today – EL71, C81, CF61, CL71, E61 and P51 - feature multimedia capabilities such as MP3 and 3D surround sound, meeting a wide range of consumer needs. The P51 also brings multimedia functionality to a high performance smart phone. It incorporates Windows Mobile 5.0, W-Lan and VoIP with an integrated GPS receiver to offer professional users a complete navigation and communication solution, and demonstrates another aspect of BenQ Mobile’s growing portfolio.

All the new handsets follow BenQ Mobile’s high quality standards and inspiring design language. After only two months of operating under the new brand, BenQ-Siemens moves forward into 2006 with confidence and consumers should be excited about what is to come.



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I got to say that all of the design is copied from nokia & SE!!! & thay are Siemens...not such a good brand...
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Look at the loosers above! They can't even grasp the "news" concept! Hey, it's just news, no grounds for scams hee, pals!
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