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C901 "The phone contains modified software that cannot be updated"

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Posted by Pine Sol

phone got a bit damp, and now unable to access menu. it turns on, starts up. have tried to update software with PC companion but receive this message.
i really like this phone and want to continue using it...

from what i have read, i assume that i need to update the software, suggestions as how to do it...

thank you
Pine Sol

Posted by ceaser2008
No. No software update will help you, if the phone is damp. You need to dry it. But for me the first mistake you did after the phone got damp, was you turn it on. To quickly dry it, put the phone in bowl of rice for say one day and then try restarting it. If it refuses to restart, sorry to say but some short-circuit has been done.

Posted by Pine Sol
thanks for the reply...

when the phone was damp, the power was on, turned it off to let it dry out, and days later tried to up date it..

i have just gone through the "how to flash your A2 phone" and its 99% normal again. the 1% is that when you push the center square button (to get the menu) it goes forward and then back to the desk top, so again i push it, but this time twice, and again it goes back to the desk top, again, but three times... well you get the idea, some times it takes twice and others maybe four times to get menu...

any suggestions how to fix this?

Posted by ceaser2008
May be some moisture left under that button. Try to dry it by putting in under direct sunlight.

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