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Tip of earphone plug Vivaz Pro

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Posted by Olavius

I've got a Vivaz Pro where the outer tip of the earphone plug is broken off the earphone and stuck inside the earphone socket in the phone.
Removing the battery cover reveals there is no way I can get to the tip.

Any advices on how to get it out myself?

best regards


Posted by annafee
This is plain bad news. .
You should be more careful. Now there's practically no way of getting the broken part out. Try,see and do some fiddling with sharp thin pin(assuming if it works)Try not to damage the phone's 3.5mm socket.. Otherwise you have to open the phone and then ..............you know what i mean....

If you are skilled and can open by urself, just search for a disassembly guide and see, otherwise take it to a repair center......best of luck friend.

Posted by hihihans
If you remove more of the housing you should be able reach it.

maybe this link helps
this is for U5. You'll find the pro manual yourself easy.
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