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How to improve Youtube video quality on Satio?

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Posted by Centerguy
Is there any way to improve the video quality of Youtube videos when played on the Satio?

They look totaly pixelated and have bad sound quality, compared to my Android phone (Xperia X8). No matter if i watch them via the official Youtube app or via Opera mini.

I already tried the app "Youtube downloader" by the picobrothers, but with that tool i'm only able to download the videos, not to watch them. The "play"-button just doesn't work...

Posted by mriley
Have you tried the "Tubemate" YouTube downloader? With that, you're able to watch and download YouTube videos in HD and even convert them into MP3s.
I use it a lot on my galaxy s2 because the quality is so much better than the default YouTube apparently that comes pre-installed

Posted by Centerguy
You're sure it's available for Symbian? At least i can't find it

Well, thanks anyway - i'm gonna use it for my Android phone

Posted by mriley
I'm not sure, but I know you can't download it from the market, download it here


Posted by simonsmith
Thank you so much for that nicely written piece of text.

Posted by Metora06
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HyBriDe TEkkEN

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