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K770i use without sim card.

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Posted by Tsofli

As the title says, is it possible to use this device without the need of a sim card inserted ? When i try, i get a message telling me to insert one or view a demo, and thats that. The only thing im able to do is to call emergency numbers which is a plus by its own.
But i'm interested in using it as a camera/radio and other features on it.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by tranced
Hi and welcome.

What you are trying to do can be achieved with the use of patches. You need to apply a patch that let you use the phone without simcard.

Posted by etaab
I have several old phones that i use just as backups, or if i have an app on them i cannot use on newer devices.

I usually just leave an old sim card in there, which has long since been deactivated by the networks.

Posted by Tsofli
thanks for the replies guys

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