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Satio video length limit! Please help

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Posted by arcus21
Yesterday I bought a Satio,(R2Ak006) a 16GB memory card I use. In that you might have 16gb of memory card (640 x 480 in) 1h: 30 min video fit? That's a bit weird. Is so limited? figured out: a half-minute video = 20MB, 40MB video = 1 minute. 60 * 40MB = 2400MB would be an hour. So, six hours of recording should have access to it. So, what's wrong?
Thanks for reply
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Posted by Lightspeed_x
@arcus21: Hi and welcome,

I havent been a heavy Symbian user, but i Own a Nokia 6220 Classic and find the same issue, i think its an Operating System restriction.

However, lets wait for more knowledgeable members of the community to confirm it.

Posted by etaab
I havent owned a Satio in well over a year now, but my best mate still uses mine i sold him. So, as far as i can remember yes you can record until all available memory is used.

As im currently using a Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle, its slightly more up to date than the Satio.

First of all, id head to the Sony website, hit up support and find your Satio in there. Update the firmware, im not sure if the one you're currently using is up to date or not but when you do you'll get a higher resolution than VGA 640x480. If i remember, it goes up to WXGA or something.

Then, check in the camera settings that the videos are being recorded to the memory card, rather than the phones memory which could be why its saying you're only able to record a certain set time.

Posted by arcus21
The latest software I use. The video is WVGA resolution, then there 53 minutes recording time, tried a 8GB and 2GB memory card, all of them 53 minutes of recording time shows. But interestingly, the number of photos will change when I change a smaller card. The 16GB card can hold 7500 pictures, only the video recording time is 53 minutes or 1 hour 10 minutes (640 * 480). What is wrong?
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Posted by etaab
Have you tried formatting the memory card ?

Where did you get this memory card ? if its come from another phone it might be formatted incorrectly for the Satio, or have hidden files on it that the Satio cannot read.

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