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Increases volume / sounds SE Vivaz [Acoustic]

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Posted by Emad347
Hello there,

So the sound of my Sony Ericsson Vivaz, is very low.

I would like to increase it.

I've heard of "The Acoustic", which allows to tamper with the sound.

I saw several software BamMod ² etc., but they can not walk because of a trick.
"C2zMaker", it shows me "Failed" when I do generators and t.

My téléphonne is flashed / unlocked / debrand via the website: "http://simlock.com" official firmware.

So I would have a solution without having to re hack my téléphonne or another, so I do not "open4all" and "RomPatcher"
Therefore fail due to damn C2Z Patch.

Thank you in advance for helping me,

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