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Arc / Neo hdmi out question

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Posted by >500
Hey all

Does the arc and/or neo output 1080 via the hdmi out?? Or is it only 720?

If so, how is the quality when, say, watching a movie? Jumpy at all or smooth?

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Posted by >500

Posted by laffen
I'm not sure about the 720/1080 output resolution. But both Media Go, the included media conversion software uses device profiles when converting video files for known Sony Ericsson models such as the arc and neo. 1080 is automatically resized down to 720. If I just copy a 1080 MP4 file to the arc or neo, this file will be marked as broken: "Sorry, this video cannot be played". I haven't tried much, but so far, I haven't been able to view any 1080 videos on the arc. And therefore no 1080 out via HDMI either. The 720 quality is excellent. Same smooth quality as when it is played on a PC

Posted by chunkybeats
sorry a bit late with this reply lol, tried hdmi and its very good quality. Its 720 i think but that depends on your file. I have watched a few 720 movies and runs flawlessly on my Neo V. I havent tried 1080 yet but will try that out soon!!!

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