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LF: HP Pre 3 Unlocked

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Posted by slead

I'm looking for a HP Pre 3, should be unlocked and in good condition.
So if anyone has one, and they wanna get rid of it...send me a PM.


Posted by cobra111
What about a just about as new unlocked Pre 2 with an extra touchstone?

Posted by slead
I don't know much about the pre 2...spec wise that is, will check it get back to you

just checked the specs, nah mate, it has a lower resolution screen and also some features are missing...
thanks for the offer though.
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Posted by Marly
According to several mobile magazines (i.e. GSMArena, Slashgear), this will be on sale soon, for a very cheap price, like the TouchPad earlier, so you'd better watch the online shops.
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Posted by slead
I have been doing this, nothing online sofar, except of a few offers that are but expensive in my taste...

Posted by xperia_man
I have a brand new HP PRE 3 UK Model sim free for sale


Posted by slead

Posted by xperia_man
Hi my PRE 3 is still available for 150 delivered

Posted by mrmilo69
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