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problem om4.2t5handlerui, om60hui200b4 im globe sim

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Posted by alex18822
Mga Boss,

CP unit: Samsung GT-S3500i
Network mode: EDGE, GSM QUAD BAND
SIM: Globe sim
Opera Mini Version na gamit: OM4.2T5handlerUI; OM60HUI200b4
APN: http.globe.com.ph
Proxy and Port: port 80
Saan nakuha ang Operamini: Sa thread ni rexidi.
Anong trick ang gamit sa Opera Mini: IP trick; Magic IP
Anong error ang naencounter: D po ako mkadownload at d po ako mkaplay sa youtube ngrere-direct sya sa built-in browser.
Other concerns: Hindi ako makadownload at mkaplay sa youtube sa OM4.2T5handlerUI. Ayaw tumuloy. Ng-eexit sya automatic sa OM60HUI200b4.

Please I nid ur help mga bossing!
Im from bicol-

Posted by rexidi
Hey bro this is international section, you must post in english.
- you can't stream videos/audios in all kind of versions of operamini. use boltbrowser instead.
- i guess that you downloaded a .jar file in om6. om5/6 can't download .jar/.jad file directly in that browser. if that so, the browser will automatically directly download the file in your buili-in web. use ucweb/ucbrowser, bolt or ommod4.2russianmod/om4.2handlermodded by boss litemint to download .jar directly.

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