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Posted by dancingfate
Ah... that's fast:
GSM-capable HTC Evo 3D goes official with specs and all.
Can't wait.

Posted by Miss UK
Nice bit of kit this

hope it doesn't cost loads though when 3D tvs arrived they were 1,299
now they have dropped at work we have them for 699.99 atleast there dropping like dominos


Posted by fairen
That's one good looking phone

Posted by Miss UK
This is Ment to be out this month
But UK date August or September.

Vodafone have it on there site as forthcoming,
Nice picture and specs to

Really intrested to see these photos in 3D
So if anyone has one now please upload them thanks

Posted by Bonovox
HTC Sense looks good in 3D but it's still just another pointless battery draining gimmick imo

Posted by Miss UK
Oh yeah forgot bout that HTC phones do have
Shoddy battery life...

But forget all that this one does look good to me

Posted by Bonovox
Most Android handsets have average or below battery life. It's down to how much you use & control it. Until new battery technology arrives or they all start making higher capacity batteries(which may mean bigger phones) it's always going to be average. My Xperia Neo though can go for two days Saying that 3D yeah it's a gimmick I did have a short play with the new 3D LG Optimus. And I was amazed how good videos & photos looked on it's screen though you can turn it off
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Posted by Marly
I also think it's a gimmick, especially the 3D camera is a useless toy, imo.

The other specs of this phone look good and I do like HTC phones, have used them for almost ten years now for work, they weren't even selling them under their own name way back then.
They've come a long way, both in quality and popularity, but they should improve the overall quality of their phone cameras first, it's still the weakest point of their phones.

Posted by Bonovox
At least it can be turned off as I guess your eyes will go funny with too much 3D

Posted by Miss UK
its just something different though lets see what its like in flesh before we all assume the worst over it

Posted by Bonovox
No I am sure its a great phone I just think well many critics think 3D phones won't take off well. I loved what the LG could do but its not really something you need if you see what I mean.

Posted by Rookwise
I was actually looking at the specs of the HTC Evo 3D before coming on here and seeing this thread. I also had a look at the LG Optimus 3D as well. After looking at the specs I'm thinking the LG has the better option for the camera side of things.
From what I read. The LG will do 3D still images at 5mp and 3D/HD video at 1080p 24/30fps
On HTC's website. They state the Evo 3D with do 3D still images at 2mp only and 2D still images at 5mp with 3D/HD video at only 720p at 24fps

The LG is running Android 2.2 wheras the HTC will come with the latest version of Android.
Both are supposedly dual core handsets.

Both are quite evenly priced at around 499.99 each for sim free models. Obviously when bought on contract it will be marginally cheaper but I doubt by much.

Posted by Bonovox
I played with the LG a live one in Carphone & it's very good the 3D but the phone is huge

Posted by Miss UK
Oh dear I hope phones aren't switching to iPad or Plaything,
Devicez btw yeah they keep doing all these great phones but
Still battery sucks on them.

Outta the 2x Androids ive had im saying that my
X10i lasts longer

Im gunna go looking for that LG 3D
But eager to look at Evo too cos ive never had a LG
And HTC seem ok

Posted by Bonovox
LG phones=crash Every LG phone I ever had all it did was constantly reboot all day

Posted by ernesthelmer
This phone looks awesome!The HTC EVO 3D is already a pretty awesome phone, but with the coming white color, it looks even more awesome.
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Posted by ernesthelmer
Nice phone as i said earlier......but i have a issue on mine, phone automatically switch to speaker phone. I don't know why....got some idea????
[ This Message was edited by: ernesthelmer on 2011-12-26 14:47 ]

Posted by Bonovox
Got one of these from Asda Direct online for......................207 sim free brand new!!!!!!!!! Mine is on it' way this week. I wanted this for ages. Not overaly fussed on the 3D part but the rest is cool!!

[ This Message was edited by: Bonovox on 2012-03-18 19:34 ]

Posted by rikken

Posted by SKIBBE
@Bonovox do you have time to use _all_ of your phones, seems to me that you have a few

Posted by Bonovox
Just popping by to say my HTC EVO 3D is superb. Blazingly fast web experience and 3D works well at the right angles. Battery life so far has been excellent I am pleasantly surprised. Anyway gotta go am at hospital now seeing dad.

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