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another camera test with Vivaz (newer)

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Posted by plankgatan
cons ans pros - lowlight, flash and optimal weather..............

Nokia C7

Optimal weather


no flash

Iphone 4

Nokia N8
...................very nice photo

Vivaz........check that photo Vivaz really win "the" optimal weather challenge.

Samsung Galaxy

, (used google translate)

There was a steady final battle between Nokia N8, Iphone 4 and Sony Ericsson Vivaz where Nokia N8 finally took home the victory points. N8 has a higher megapixel count than all other phones in the test and is the only one who is equipped with a real flash. The number of megapixels really says nothing about camera quality, however, Iphone 4 was much lower, but still very good pictures.
Perhaps most significantly, the optics of the camera and the images of N8 gets sharper and clearer. Available settings are also unmatched (although they are almost identical also for the C7). What surprised me a bit was to point-light in the Iphone 4 was so powerful that Vivaz: one actually beats the other phones in the test on your fingers in macro photography. Lowest, Sony Ericsson's X10, which, however, had placed themselves better on the video recording was not so miserably poor. Hopefully this can be fixed in future software updates.
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Posted by masada1971
of course N8 would win,because Satio wasnt there..and when cat's not home...
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Posted by hibiskus
hey thanks for effort, you did great job! But let me somment few things. First, picture processing in phones. N8 is first Nokia phone that shows colours as they are, Vivaz and iphone may look better, but thats because they are unrealistic,especially iphone. Second, I like sharp images, check out what Motorola ZN5 does with details in photo section, it eats every non 12MP cam phone for breakfast, Vivaz, X10, N82, etc etc are not even close. Third if you really want to compare images, upload them full size so we can see details.
And try not to use auto settings, for instance Galaxy S has chosen normal mode for shooting, and thats why theres so much noise on both pictures. If you had used night landscape or somethingm it would be much better.


Posted by plankgatan
well, outdoor i prefer Vivaz more then super-goofy-symbian 3 N8.......

ps....the good thing is that N8 isn't that expensive (iphone 4 is about 2-300 euro more expensive)

pss.......which image sensor does N8 use ???? someone know ?????
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Posted by plankgatan
hhmm.......im not buying that Nokia N8 is the best.......ive been looking at some shots between N8 and Pixon, and Pixon have clearly better colour rendition and clearness.


Pixon 12

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Posted by mriley
The N8 tends to have dull pics lacking in saturation, I agree the pixon looks better too. But I dont know who would win between pixon and the N8, looking through the esato photo section would probably tell.
N8 also lacks contrast.
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Posted by fairen
Looks like N8 has nailed it! very nice photos

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