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hugh camera test with Satio on top

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Posted by plankgatan
Satio won in the end because it have better/easier camera-features & functions. though, i think Pixon and N86 photo quality is very good............that candy photo by Satio is splendid

Xperia x10


Nokia N86

Samsung pixon 12

HTC desire

LG crystal

Nokia N900

Iphone 3GS

scores and verdicts

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Posted by AbuBasim
The top camera phones one year ago... I don't see a link to the test. Was it done recently?

Posted by mriley
Pixon 12 is clearly the best, washed out results from the Satio, too much NR.

Posted by Sky Hi
You forgot the BEST one: C905!

Posted by plankgatan
Pixon have probably the "best" image quality, i agree on that,....but (like i said) Satio won because it have better/easier features/function.

though, i would not buy a Pixon......Samsung´s interface and UI is just crappy and un-realstic.

ps...that second Pixon picture is really bad (over-bright, and so on).........so even Pixon has it backsides......
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Posted by mriley
I wouldn't buy a Pixon either, neither would I buy a Satio, if you want good photos and video dont buy a phone just because it's got a good camera on it, buy a high end compact or a DSLR depending on how you take photos.


SE did a very good job at marketing the C905's camera, they constantly compared it to the image quality of compacts and they even went as far as to lie about the megapixel count and write 8.1 MP on the face of the camera, when in reality the pixel count was 7.9. It was all marketing, much like Apple does with every single product they release , even if it doesn't deserve all the hyp. The same goes for the C905, marketing it so well paid off for SE, the discussion thread is 350+ pages long, everyone wanted a phone with a high quality camera on.
The truth of the C905 camera is that it's not that good... Noise reduction ruins any detail, I posted a comparison between C901 and C905, 5 MP vs 8 MP and the C901 won hands down in terms of detail even though it had a lower resolution... marketing can be very powerfu.

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