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Vivaz, Default internet not allowing choice.

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Posted by DaveIRL
I have a Vivaz with the latest firmware. Up until last week when I would connect to my email with the phone I'd get a popup which asked what connection I wanted to use. If my phone was in range of a known wireless network it would show this or if not it would show my data connection. Last week it stopped trying to connect to the data connection and just keeps looking for the wireless network even if it is not present. After some time it will give an error message saying Wireless Network not available.

I've done a firmware upgrade (was running an older firmware up to this problem) and a phone repair and the problem still exists. I can go into email settings and change the default connection to my data provider but then it will always connect to that instead of using a WiFi network when available.

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?


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