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Vivaz: Java games have no sound.

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Posted by awareesa
Hi all,

My Vivaz doesn't play sound when loading and playing java games...
Other .sis installed games are ok, they play sound.

Any clues/ideas?

Posted by Zacie
(Maybe) the solution could be to upgrade the java runtime.

Posted by awareesa
It seems that I can't update it..
I tried to install a java_runtime_2_0_1.sis file with no luck: error "item already included. install not possible"

Posted by tranced
Did you enable the sound in the game's options?

Posted by awareesa

Posted by chadiwrx
Make sure the phone is not on silent & adjust the volume using tthe volume keys.

Posted by awareesa
I tried everything with no luck: I enabled sound, I played with sound buttons...

What else should I try?

Posted by luizpt
try setting the phone
toques celular

Posted by awareesa
can you please elaborate on this?

Posted by awareesa
I installed the same .jar file on another vivaz (older firmware) and it had sound.
Please can anyone advise how I can update the java runtime of my phone....

Thanks in advance

Posted by awareesa
No replies on how to update the java runtime...
Maybe I need to update all firmware (mine is the latest though) and this means like formatting a PC...
Many applications must be reinstalled then


Posted by awareesa
I just found the solution...

A simple setting: At profile's settings, if you enable caution sounds, java games have sound!

However this will make a "beep" noise when fully charged that wakes me up....!
I think the older firmware didn't have this issue.

Posted by MERC5678
I used to have sound even with alert tones off. It does that with a volume scale.
I now have no sound on my java games even after enabling alert tones.
If I restart the phone and try the game, the sound starts for a fraction of a second and stops.
I have a samsung e2232.

There is only one game that has a volume control that can start the sound manually.
I first have to reduce the volume to zero, restart the game, then increase it to something higher.

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