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getting photos onto facebook

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Posted by satioste
hi guys im after trying to get some photos from my satio onto my facebook account,i got to the photo click the envelope symbol and click to web scroll down to facebook but says get started undreneath i press ok and the message comes up go to settings to set up an internet profile anyway got a set by set instruction for me thsanks steve

Posted by mrphil_cymru
where are you getting stuck? You've basically done what you need to do. If it fails, make sure that you've correctly spelled your password.. the Satio touchscreen is a pain with input errors and since the password entry characters are replaced by '*' you need to take care.

mine works a treat.

that assumes you already have an Internet Profile set up on your Satio? If not... go to the Sony Ericsson homepage and look at the Satio support page for Internet settings... you can SMS them to your Satio from that web page.
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