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Some minor problems with my Vivaz.

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Posted by Dhr.Marijn
Hello all!

This is my first topic, and I don't know how this forum works. If I am doing it wrong, please tell me (:
The day before yesterday I bought a Vivaz. And it is amazing, I love it. The 16 million screen colours and the wifi are 2 things that will make me forget my k800i quite quickly!

But there are some problems I can't solve on my own:

1) Whenever I download a theme, not all the menu icons are replaced. For example from themes from Zedge. It is mostly the Play Now, the Apps, the Location Services and the Agenda icons that aren't replaced. I know have a theme that is quite similar to the original themes, so that you can't see that those aren't replaced (:

2) The twitter application you see when your standby menu is the Sony Ericsson version doesn't let me log in, but I can go on Twitter when I'm using the browser! I also can't seem the find the Twitter application in Apps when I'm not using the Sony Ericsson Standby menu but the "Standard" one..

3) I can't change the volume of my music when I've locked the phone, is there a way I could change this? As it is usually in my pocket when I'm listening to music, and I mostly cycle when I'm listening..

I am sorry if not everything is translated correctly, but my phone language is dutch, wherefore some things may be named differently!


Posted by hihihans
Welcome Marijn
Your questions are clear.
The twitter app stopped working on mine too. I think it has something to do with new-twitter.
Is your phone locked or branded by your operator?

Posted by Dhr.Marijn
Nope, I bought a phone without any contract or operator, I don't know how it's called in English (:

Posted by tranced
Topic moved

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Hi Dhr.Marjin
I can answer both 1 and 3.
1. This depends on the theme developer, im sure most Symbian S60v5 (the OS Vivaz runs) themes are mainly made by Nokia S60v5 phone owners, so they havent got the files to change some of the icons in SE S60v5 phones, you may find that even some 3rd party apps have their icons changed usualy the popular apps like Opera Mobile, X-Plore, Smartmovie, UCWeb, ROMPatcher etc...will get their icons changed usualy because many of the devs use those apps, so it realy depends on the theme developer and what they have to work with.
Babi and PiZero are two s60 theme devs who's themes contain the most customized amount of icons, so you can try Babi's site: http://www.babinokia.com/ and Pizero's: http://www.pizero.net/ both of them make amazing Symbian themes.
3. That is a Symbian limitation, it doesnt allow any sort of volume control when the keylock is on.

Posted by Dhr.Marijn
So, I have now checked tons of themes, and there is 1 [yes only ONE] theme that covers all the menu icons. Is there anybody that could tell me if it is possible to change the standard menu icons of the Vivaz, so that other themes just work? Just like I did to my K800i?

Or could someone mod other themes with the help of this one theme?

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