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Can python run on Vivaz?

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Posted by amanno1
Can this run on the vivaz?If so,can someone provide a link for it please?Thanks.
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Posted by amanno1

Posted by hihihans
Python's usualy run on rats, they are linked to mice.
Or in other words ; what do you mean?

Posted by Oogamous
My guess is that a python would glide over a vivaz seeing that they have no legs.

Nope, got no idea what u mean.

Posted by mikekop
Python is a software language, and an app that enables the phone to run software written in Python-language. I think you need to have your phone hacked to run Python, so I don't think it'll work on Vivaz, sorry...

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Im not sure, Nokia s60s like my 5800 came with Python preinstalled, i dont know if it works on S60s other than Nokia's, but you can try: http://nokiasoftware.net/symb[....]21068-python-v1-9-4-s60v3.html

Posted by hihihans
sss ss ssss ss
it seems you have to hack your Vivaz before the python is willing eat it. I heard he likes some ketchup with it.

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by ynlinchen
I can run python on my vivaz pro,i think maybe this way can use on vivaz. I installed a python sis package which has a lot of module inside. It was made by an expert(真天舞) from china. The size is 3mb after installed. Fully can used on s60v5. The name of that package is super python. And that python package always update every 2-3 months,every update contains new moudles. The post of that package is on a forum(dospy.com) on simply chinese. You have to register first to download the package. Go to http://bbs.dospy.com/viewthread.php?tid=4551843&bbsid=292
The last update of this package is 2010.10.1
There are two kinds of version ,one can only install in C: ,the other can only install in E: ,if you do not have a lot of phone memory, you can install the E disk version. Before installing, you need to sign the package by yourself.
Hope this reply can help you!
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