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Pro's And Con's Of Gong From O2 To giffgaff ?

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Posted by fluke9
OK peeps what would the pro's and con's be of going from O2 contract to basically the same package on giffgaff 20 goody bags.

Both have 600 x network minutes.

Obviously better texts and internet with giffgaff, but I am just interested in peoples opinions, I have only ever been on contract with a PAYG occasionally as backup, just need opinions please.

Posted by Lollylost100
-Unlimited text = no 3000 cap
-Unlimited internet = unlimited as long as it's for personal use
-Payback from helping on the forums (to your balance or to your credit card(!))
-Cheap texts out of goodbag tariffs
-Free giffgaff to giffgaff texts, video calling, calling.

-Transferring your number can be a pain (not giffgaff's fault)

Posted by julias
Pros: All of the Above
Cons: None number transfer was quick and easy for me

Posted by Rookwise
Pros: All Above

Card payment system is intermittent,
Internet is working then barred,then working (Have to report it each time which usually take over a week to get a reply if at all),
No customer service call line (internet only),
Faults take a long time to be corrected,
No advance warning of any changes. They usually happen and then a post is made on their forum a few days later.

Just a few that I remember. Not used it for nearly a month now.

Posted by fluke9
Thanks guy's I stuck with O2.

Mainly due to customer service, and I do not like running out of credit a 4 in the morning (I work nights) and having to search for a top up.

Posted by Lollylost100
You can set-up an automatic top-up "thing". When your balance falls below a certain level it automatically tops up (an can also buy a goodybag).

Posted by Nanu
Cons......... for very little effort you get more in payback than you spend
you don't have to deal with some dip sh*t on the end of the phone who doesn't know what they are doing
truly unlimited internet, no texts telling you you have been cut off for a month
as easy to top up as any other PAYG type system or automatic like simplicity
very quick porting of numbers, mine was carried out on the day they said they would
5 credit if you order your SIM through a friend
half the price of other networks
8p/min calls, 4p/texts

pros......... can't really think of any as they are a bit sh*t.....

Posted by Bonovox
Thank god I never bothered with them then

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