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Mozilla Seabird mobile phone concept

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Posted by tranced
For those who have been dreaming about a futuristic and complete mobile phone here is a concept that will take the breathe(and a tear, why not?) out of you.

The Mozilla Seabird is a concept running the Google's Android OS, sports an 8mp camera, dual pico projectors, embedded bluetooth dongle, wireless charging, 3.5 audio jack, mini usb port and many more.

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG3tLxEQEdg

For more information visit Seabird's site: http://mozillalabs.com/conceptseries/2010/09/23/seabird/

Posted by Remort1
i'd really like to have this smartphone, looks good (:

Posted by tranced
Yeah it does. Especially its back. That curve is sexy.

Posted by lukechris
Wow, in one word!

Posted by tranced
Somehow this phone reminds me of Minority Report movie.

Posted by fairen
Nice! almost border-less sides.. I like

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