Mobile Phone Concept Called "Cellphone"

28 June 2007 by axxxr
Designer Jacob Palmborg might be one of those people who’s a little fed up with all the iPhone hype, and just wants a phone which is, pure and simple, a phone.

His mobile phone concept manages to capture that simplicity and look pretty damn gorgeous at the same time; a slice of slightly-bent plastic and metal, it uses a full-surface OLED touchscreen for menus and numeric pad.

Round the back, there’s a fingerprint reader panel which serves both as power on/off control and key lock.  It’s a nice touch which does away with convoluted “press menu then star” finger gymnastics, as well as SIM card PIN numbers for security. The shape of the handset means very little is in contact with the table when you put it down, keeping the face clear of smudges, dirt and scratching. source:slashgear 



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On 1 Jul 23:32 atilathehunch wrote
so... if you need to steal a phone you simply rob the owner of the handset and then cut off his finger to use it! this design will lead to a finger-slicing crime spree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 1 Jul 12:46 aa wrote
iphone is anyways crap .... i would anytime buy a nokia 1100 than a iphone

by theway this is one amazing concept , i like it would love to see it in production with some company , and ofcourse priced sensibly
On 29 Jun 20:14 chrisuk wrote
it would be better suited as a house phone but certainly not a mobile.
On 29 Jun 15:16 energetic wrote
I like it... :)
On 29 Jun 13:59 wrote
Good design but not a practical phone.

What a stupid comment, based on what exactly?!
On 29 Jun 09:20 Soso wrote
Another concept?
I am fed up with phone concepts that never made it in real life.
On 29 Jun 08:35 kosskon wrote
wooooow this is the mobile that i want
On 29 Jun 08:29 wrote
Good design but not a practical phone.
On 29 Jun 06:58 007 wrote
F$%& iphone ...
now this i like
On 29 Jun 05:28 Sirocco wrote
I like. A lot. I want.
On 29 Jun 04:52 ggg wrote
Parecido al Black Daimond!!!, pero muy bonito n_n
On 29 Jun 04:38 glen wrote
maybe foldable is a good choice
On 29 Jun 01:07 S4k1s wrote
It will break in two a lot ;]
Designer trying to be different and the result is bad :]

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