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T610 Wont Charge! Weird!

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Posted by praveenaj
I'm having this strange problem with my old T610.

While the phone is off, When i plug in the charger the "charging battery" indicator and the "Red light" on joystick appear, but within few milliseconds the display goes off (red light remains on) and the charging process restarts. This happens continuously until I unplug the charger.

When the charger is plugged while the phone is turned on "Optimized charging" message appears but the "charging indicator" stays on current battery level.

Why is this?

Please help

Posted by goldenface
I have the same issues with mine (which I have taken out of the drawer just now and started charging ) but with mine I think it's just the old charger connection, which is a bit temperamental.

I cleaned the contacts on the phone and it seemed to improve the stability of the connection and left by itself it seems to be charging up OK.

Posted by strizlow800
The T610 is pretty old phone. How many years are you using the phone and the charger. The contacts between the charger and the phone port may be worn out. You can start by checking if they are OK. If that's the case you can get yourself new charger.

Posted by praveenaj
Thank you guys for replying. yes. It's actually pretty old. I bought a new charger and a battery (not original ones), I also cleaned the contacts...still having the problem
what else to try?

Posted by rkalloo
time to buy a new phone
sounds like the problem will cost more to fix than just buying a new phone
pm me i have some phones for sale

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