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C510 screen Frezzeing and sometimes also two sub screens.

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Posted by Tobiasholmdk
Hi, i have had my c510 in nine months now, and here this month it began too act wierd.. first it became very slow.. and after the screen started freezeing so the only way the continue was to reboot the phone and now it also always have 2 sub screens. Anyone who knows what the problem could be?

Posted by tranced
This is the first time I hear this. Well, try to perform a master reset or try to update the phone using the SE Update Service.

Posted by Enci1983
Mine acted like that too the screen is now blank and I was upset about it. I tried to update it, master reset was too but no use. Nothing helped

Posted by chuaherson
I also have the problem. My screen has two mini displays and it's facing backwards. I tried updating it but still, the same thing happens.

Posted by gahana5150
so you guys had that too huh, well it happened to me also. At first i'm quite confuse and panic what to do, coz i just bought it for a month. At last i just do nothing until the lcd bcklight went off, and it normal again. But it happen again within few days. Finaly i do the master reset and format my ext memory, plus defragment the memory using pc. i doing that again every 3 month. now my c510 is normal, and i'm verry happy now. This was my case, i dont know if it will work for you guys, thnx.

Posted by laimigais
Can u please tell me how you restored the phone?
a tried A2 uploader, but didn't work for me.

Posted by ketta23
i have a c510 - it started freezin on me and becoming very slow. I have had the phone for 11 months and yesterday it stoped working completly . i cannot turn on the phone. if i put it on the charger the screen tells me that its charging but wont let me turn it on at all. is there anyway that i can save my phone?
does sony have a warranty and if yes where do i need to go.
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