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vodafone and cellc free internet(best) - cyberwolf

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Posted by cyberwolf
I have Vodafone and CellC Settings For Free internet.

Vodafone Proxies that I have Support

-Youtube, Myspace and other cool Sites
-Unlimited Downloading
-Speeds up to 400Kb/s (With Download program) Average Speeds 60kb/s - 80kb/s
-Fast loading with Javascript support, images, sounds, page encoding and more.

Cell C Settings with A program - I can Give that to you.

-Can do everything - Facebook - Skype - youtube etc.. although Slow
-Browsing Speeds up to 125kb/s
-Download Speeds up to 15kb/s
-Email, Browsing, mxit, Facebook and updates Work Perfect.
(small updates 10mb and Lower)

-I also Have Ultimate Download Sites
-Sites to download torrents Directly
-Sites to download Directly for Free
-Sites to Get any latest House - Electro - Hiphop or Club music
-Sites to Get Any Program you want
-Sites to get Games From 4gb Iso's to 200MB and lower (Full Games)
-Sites For Afrikaans Music
-Sites For Online Games (Best with Vodafone Free Internet)
-Sites for Everything
-Bypass Limit Sites
-Password Sites

I Update My Vodafone List Every 4 Months With Latest Working Codes and Mods

Here is What I ask...

I am willing to give the first 3 people all my info if they share any other
vodafone codes, mtn codes or vodafone internet Techniques or Mtn internet Techniques for Free Net...

my conditions are simple. If you by any means post the info I give you anywhere
then I will no longer Update you. This is for personal educational ..*o* use Only..

With all THat said, If any body else wants info please dont hesitate to ask.


Posted by cyberwolf
Alright.. I have thought about it and what would my word be if I didn't give you a demo to trust me that I do Infact have a Free Vodafone Code. This is my worst Code, Its only Downloads 80Mb _avergae_ , Its speed are not that high, it can't
View Youtube, Facebook and some other sites...

It isn't a Good Code but its a Demo, it's not supposed to be Good


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Posted by thegun
R cell c towers up yet?

Posted by Rasta0000
I have all info on MTN phone and pc I dont mind sharing, hit me with a PM we'll take it from there

Posted by Hacker89
I admit that this is a good site dude

Posted by anningg

Posted by cyberwolf
Okay, Recently Updated I have over over 10 Vodafone proxies
I have over 20 Mtn Proxies
I Have Vodafone Direct Settings
I have Mtn Direct Settings
I have Cell C direct Settings..

Thanx to the Guys For Exchanging Info for Info. I hope you are happy with the New info I gave

Posted by unkn0wn1
I dont know what you are trying to pull with this. You must think that we are stupid idiots that would fall for the first guy who promises the world and gives us a weak proxy as a sample. I am however astonished at how well you have set this up. Therefore i dnt trust this a bit. Thus i believe that youre knowledge isnt as much as you let on. I may be mistaken by this but unless i see something spectacular i wouldnt even co nsider giving you any of my/our tricks.

Posted by thegun
lol unknwn trust me this guy knws more bout fbt than u'll ever knw, plus its not like u did any findings, just a parasite that created a forum n ate wat was left of the cake, hwz pingchat?

Posted by cyberwolf
Unkn0wn1 I really dont care what you believe and what you dont, you're probly not even the time wasted on that "Weak Proxy". If you dont believe that I Can do this so be it, but before you start attacking. Make your facts clear (rather ask some of the users who replied, ask them if its working).. Im not going to proove anything, either you trust or you dont. I dont need Children like you wasting my Time.

Posted by anningg
i dont get this...if u get updated all the time then why do you need proxies and tricks from us?

Posted by thegun
yeah cyber gud point i think therez no more need 4 postin at Esato, jst say waddup n wats happenin

Posted by badboyshakee
yeah good idea keep it private

Posted by cyberwolf
Yes. I agree, I wont post anymore. But people can still Pm me if intersted.

Posted by Mash.doc
Wow guys, ya'll are extensive thinkers gathering such Internet INFO !!! PM me Good things guys Please about > MTN < Not everybody request such INFO can i be the helped Up any1

Posted by INNov8
unknown it looks lyk ur gut feeling is letting u down.shame man. cyber dnt waste ur time here......

Posted by Hacker89
Gosh i almost forgot about the thread that i posted in. Calm down guys and let those that want to become friends become friends. There is nothing wrong in doing so hay

Posted by unkn0wn1
What gut feeling? Im just usualy carefull to whom i give information. Everyone who has been in contact with me f.e hacker can testify how much we know and well how far we have come. Thats why i do not trust easily. However cyber it does look like you show promise and i would like to see what you have accomplished. Anningg you asked a good question there and i hope cyber answers it.

Posted by thegun
Lol burr!

Posted by cyberwolf
Unkown1, Please stop annoying me, My posting is completed. We have 20 Members all working together on internet, we surely not need another, take your info and Stick it *. We have everything we need now, and if you have such good info and or have come so far, why do you waste my time and yours by posting all this Junk and annoyning messages. Surely you dont have what is even close to our info, and so you hope you can leech it out of us, not this time Boy, go find a New Host to leech we aren't letting you in on anything

Posted by beermarius21
hello all , iv been searthing bud with no luck , i have tride the proxy trick bud with no luck , can someone help me with MTN and CELLC of VIRGIN. thank you

Posted by Myaseen
Lol they still have virgin mobile, whats the freesite for virgin mobile?

Posted by skippie7
Can somebody answer anningg's question plz....

Posted by lanmower
I have a lot of knowledge on the subject, please anyone with a good understanding of the nature of these tricks or the way http requests work mail me at almagestfraternite@gmail.com and I'll share what I know plus the software I use to get 'real' internet on pc.

I also have some questions that I'd like to ask you and perhaps if we collaborate we can improve on my current methods and write some custom software to make this work better.

I'm currently serving 10 peoples internet off a server that routes any web page at high speeds via a R0 card, but I have a 30mb download limit not because of the method I'm using, but because of the way vodacoms 8080 proxy works. Perhaps we can get past this limitation...

I also have a mechanism that gives you 'real' internet, slower speeds and costs a few cents per 10mb but it works you can even use voice chat.

Posted by touns_J
i have good tricks and proxies that i use to download big files from megaupload,4shared.com,rapidshare etc.. i'm willing to exchange tricks with you guys,you can PM if you're are interrested....no noob please...lol

Posted by Rhino8
PFFTTT I would like to know what tricks you guys use, but, simply cant be bothered. Seems to be too much trouble for measly internet access...

Posted by thegun
On 2010-08-22 13:59:04, touns_J wrote:no noob please...lol

Its ironic that u r a noob urself
hacker in da buildin
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Posted by touns_J
@thegun ok i got u man lol

Posted by mystical8520
I have free net with 8ta. Well it seems the networks are closing all loopholes so those that have been using freenet for a long time pm me so we can uinte and work together...

Posted by b0ng0s
Any0ne gime cellc default ip and port aseblif

Posted by man-dingo

Hey guys i mostly deal with Blackberry problems, i would like to know more on how to connect to the internet for free using a Vodafone 3G on Vodacom or Cellc or MTN, and the steps, thanx

u can also PM me

Posted by Mapkid
hey vct this link.

Posted by touns_J
Please Admin close this topic ...!

Posted by Perseus
I second that! - it was good whilst it lasted.. but even greater now that the parasites have been "discredited"

Posted by Vimak
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Posted by chrono13
Do any of you guys know of any working freebrowsing tricks.Sorry for asking, but i cant seem to find anything ANYWHERE, since my knowledge is limited. It would be nice to have fbt again.

Posted by sharpguy
Anyone here who's watching BBA6 ... Please vote ma'boy Luclay before Sunday!

Posted by Mapkid
guys just register and enjoy new tricks on http://bongo.wapka.mobi its a new tricky site

Posted by Mapkid
go 2 http://bongos.wapka.mobi

Posted by Mackhaya
Use Full Tricks goto http://lungzafun.tk

Posted by sharpguy
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Posted by b0ng0s

On 2011-08-01 00:07:42, sharpguy wrote:
OMG I STILL CANT BELIEVE LUCLAY LOST IN BBA6?!!\\r\\nI guess we nigerians are better of without you lame a** South Africans.\\r\\nBig ups 2 9ja for using S.A to gain popularity & more ching-ching from voters...the poor & the rich thank u 4 ur support.\\r\\nLast but not least South Africans you suck!!! msg 4rm naijaboy Odwegang Ugezu a.k.a sharpguy.\\n

Lmao!! Damn

Posted by touns_J
@Admin close this topic already please !!!!

Posted by Ethanoate
If u wanna make money try this

Posted by quickie
i have pc trik 4 mtn speeds about 220 kbps i wana exchange 4 vodacom pm me

Posted by Maxxyz
voda is dead bro so is fbt

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