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FS: Veho Pebble Portable Battery Power Back-up

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Posted by J-J
I bought one of these myself and then got one as a present so i dont need both.

Brilliant little things, basically, if your going to be using your phone, iphone, ipod or any other portable media device and your not going to have access to a charger then this will re-charge it up to 4 times before you need to re-charge the charger.
I've found it really useful when going on holiday, for watching films on the flights that are longer than my iphone battery life and when ive been for weekends away camping.

These are selling online for about 50, i only want 35 for mine and its brand new and in the box!

Pebble portable battery pack
USB cable
x5 adapters (iPod Adapter, Mini USB, Sony Eriksson, Samsung & Nokia)
Use with: iPods, iPhones, Mobile Phones, Digital Camera's, Camcorders, GPS, Nintendo DS, PSP plus many more.
User manual
Neoprene carry pouch

Charges devices for up to 60 hours
5000mAH (miliamp hours) capacity
To fully charge the Pebble takes approximately 5 hours
Size: 9.8cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm
Output: 5V 950mA
Weight : 132g

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Posted by skblakee

Posted by seboy81
whats the highest offer on this so far?

Posted by skblakee
Sold to me please lock.

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