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Cannot charge my VIVAZ!

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Posted by Big_D
My Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5i will not charge. I connected the usb port on the phone to either computer or the charger, but neither will work. Will I have to send it to Sony Ericsson for a fix or replacement, or is it fixable?

Posted by hihihans
If rebooting and/or removing/reinserting battery doesn't work? you should send it back.

Posted by semo
Sometimes, when your battery is really low, it may take more than 30 minutes to see any sign of life from the Vivaz.
When it happened to me I also thought there's something wrong.
How long did you wait after plugging the cable?

And are you sure that the USB port is good for charging?
Some ports don't provide enough power and the phone needs at least 700 mA/5 V to charge.
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Posted by hihihans
30minutes not seconds?

Posted by Bonovox
30 minutes

Posted by masseur
ALL SE manuals used to say this:-

Posted by hihihans
It's still an incredible long time. I'm used to 10seconds when it's complete empty. 30minutes seam ridiculous.

Posted by Big_D
I doesn't show signs of charging either when near empty or even at half. When just charging I use the usb cable connected to the electric socket, not just to the computer. I even tried connecting the phone to computer (Sony Ericsson PC Suite) in usb mode, but I can't. tried it when it was half full (battery).

I guess I'll have to send it in then.
but I bought it on ebay when it came out, just this year actually, 2010. It is still under sony Ericsson warranty, right? so I wouldn't need to pay and charges to repair or replace?

Posted by adriatic
Is it dangerous to charge vivaz with iphone's charger of 1000mAh, since one that comes with vivaz is 700 mAh?

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