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Holiday in the States - Paygo SIM for unlimited data?

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Posted by tonton
I will be visiting my folks in the US in July and they are on dialup internet. I'd like to get a SIM card that I can use with my Huawei e5830 3G/WiFi modem. It's the same device as the 3 MiFi sold in the UK, but it's unlocked.

Is there a paygo SIM I can get, with unlimited data for 2 weeks (or a month, if necessary)? I suppose for HSPA 3G I'll have to use AT&T. I want to use it not only with my iPod Touch, but also with my MacBook Pro while I'm in the States. I want to upload photos and check Facebook daily, so I need lots of data.

Thanks for any advice.

Posted by wiifanatic
You could also get a T-Mobile SIM on a Prepaid Sidekick Plan if they still have it available (I can't find any information on it anymore on their website, unfortunately). Basically $1 a day for unlimited data and texts.

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