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Xz DvD zX.™ Driver's ~ Display C905 v.3 !!F1N4L!! Rev.2

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Posted by XxDaviDxX
Hi. xD ~
This Driver Work In Any C905, and C905a or C905At&t.

# Download link:

v.3 Rev 2: http://www.4shared.com/file/swwoFW5b/Xz_DvD_zX_v3_F1N4L_Rev2.html

v.2: http://www.4shared.com/file/e[....]D_xX_v2_FiN4L_Display_Dri.html

v.1 Rev. 20: http://www.4shared.com/file/V[....]D_xX_v1_FiN4L_Display_Dri.html

FAQ About Improved

v.3 Rev 2:
# Fixed All Speed Configuration. In EMP PDI CODE~
# 516~520 Points in FPC Bench 3.0 with 100% Brightness
# Rendering Photos [8mpx] In Midia and Other Local's At 4~5 Sec. and Rendering ZOOM in photos [8mpx] 4.5 sec

# NEW! Encrypt !EMP PDI CODE! And !Configurations CODE!
# UP 3 POINTs in FPC Bench 3.0

*#* BUGED VERSION ON - enter a service menu and give software info.
# Rendering Photos In Midia and Other Local's Much More Faster Than Original Driver.
# Spend Less Heap ["Ram"] *Confirmed*
# ***Add Original Driver. If someone need.
== Original Driver Info: ==
== 510 Point's ~Stable~ in FPC Bench 3.0 ==
== Rendering 8mpx in 8sec | Zoom Rendering in 7.5 sec ==

Enjoy All! 'Xx_DvD_xX™ Custumized Driver's
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Posted by rogeri3
It is Rock!! MAN!

Posted by jake20
gonna try this also, thanks!
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Posted by Bryan84
More comments pls!

Posted by jake20
I loaded the display driver. It seems to be brighter, but honestly, I can't really much else of a difference yet, because I never really saw much of a problem with the old display driver to begin with.

I guess i will have to test some more, or do a side by side comparison.

Here is the original display driver from the latest firmware if you are worried about having a backup to roll back to if you have an issue.

R1FA035 CID53 Original Display driver

Posted by zjjunior

Speed is the word of this driver!!

When in File Manager, I usually put the presentation 5x5 and it's a bit slow!!

But with your driver, all photos are loaded much more fast than the original!!


Posted by XxDaviDxX
Hi, Just Remenber... This is a BETA Disp Driver! and I still can't DO TEST On my driver, Because of not having bought.
The speed I can Improve on next's versions. and The color... I would rather wait.

But, the driver Works. I'm Happy. Just Improve now.

Posted by rukna
i will try it
Thanks XxDaviDxX

Posted by rukna
As I feel about the color and brightness is not much different than original disp driver. But the picture is show in very fast.
i like your driver and i'm waiting for next version of you.
you rock!
Thanks for shared
sorry for my eng

Posted by Bryan84
Okay so the colors not much of a difference but speed improvements? I will give it a try now.

Posted by APR
Wow,sounds good! Can you make the same improvement for W890i?

Posted by blizaga
I've been waiting for this
It works good
But the color is still lacking
Well, it will improve eventually
Congrats to your new C905!!!
and good luck with the new driver!

Posted by XxDaviDxX
@APR : Sorry APR, I may try for you, but here only 3 weeks [The Display Driver of W980 seems look like W580, but the programation changes some values]. ***** Try Brazukas Display Driver ******

@ALL : Family matters ... I'll be offline for a while [3 weeks]

@ALL [2] : More 2 weeks... my C905 Stay on my hands =D
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Posted by Bryan84
Hope all is well for you David! Look forward to your updates!

Posted by APR
No,i mean for W890i,does this display driver support W595?

Posted by blizaga
this driver wont work on w595. As disp drivers are model specific...

Posted by APR
Oh! then fine

Posted by buntoo
Is this one compatible with W995 as C905 and W995 are of same class??

Posted by blizaga
As I said, disp drivers are model specific so this wont work on w995.
I tried putting w995 disp driver on my c905 and all i got was black screen.
Try searching on se-nse as the w995 is popular there, you can find modded disp driver for your phone.

Posted by buntoo
@ blizaga

ok thanx for the info..

Posted by blizaga
Glad to help.

Posted by XxDaviDxX
This driver Don't work in other phones. Because The Tipe of LCD and Programing, for each type of LCD has its own programming.
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Posted by blizaga
Waiting patiently

Posted by XxDaviDxX
@ blizaga - Wait Little more, I testing Here...

@ All - Sunday my C905 stay on my hand

Posted by blizaga
I'm willing to test
I've noticed that the the brown color in my C905 are lighter than in the PC ( I've compared a video with my C905 and PC played at the same time).
Can you fix this???

Posted by XxDaviDxX
TEST Version To Blizaga Test -> Changes: ReEncripted the Sequence EMP PDI CODE
Maybe Dont Works, I Tranlate the EMP PDI Code from K850 to C905, Same TFT LCD - 262k Colors, :]

Download Driver on Top Of the Topic

@blizaga -> "the brown color in my C905 are lighter" BECAUSE NOT THE SAME LCD~~
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Posted by blizaga
I uploaded the test version and man it's dangerous to the LCD. And it displays a weird thing, like the ones in tv when you have no signal or there is a malfunction. Can't explain it exactly but guys don't install the test driver. Thanks for trying though XxDaviDxX
Oh and about that "brown" stuff, I'm probably wrong to compare a PC LCD to a phone LCD. But C510 colors are far more accurate than the C905.
I'll just wait for your C905 to arrive so you can make the best disp driver.

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Dangerou to lcd, maybe,To test and Nothing happen. Just Dont works =D
[Experience on Reencripintyng the driver to K850 On past :]
Ok, i wating my C905 :]

Posted by blizaga
waiting patiently...

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Hi, My C905 has not yet arrived. because FedEx Services problems... I waiting patiently Here too

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Sorry All, But I Need Say. I Stop The Project For this model... My C905 Doesnt Arrived Yet... So I Waiting Patiently

Posted by blizaga
What a long wait... It's still yet to arrive huh?

Posted by rukna
What happens Why wait so long.

Posted by blizaga
His C905 hasn't arrived yet. Its been almost a month, I hope he doesn't stop the project.

Posted by XxDaviDxX
I Don´t stop the project, just Waiting Mi C905.

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Updating Post: New Beta Version [v.0.2]

Improved Speed [i Think :] - Working Here-> I Test on C905 From My friend]

DOwnload Link On the Top of The Post :]

@all: My C905 Don Arrived. I Going buy He on Shopping :[

Posted by blizaga
Thanks for the update! I tested it and I can't find any difference from the first one... Well it's better than nothing

Posted by blizaga
It has a bug. I can't view photos from the file manager.

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Ok, you have found a Bug... Here Works Correcly :], New Version In Few Minutes :]

Posted by XxDaviDxX
UPDATE v.0.3 BETA -> WOrking Here... But... Serching Bugs

Download Link On the top of the post :]
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Posted by blizaga
Hi XxDaviDxX! I will test now...

Posted by blizaga
Still has the same problem back to Beta1...

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Fuc... Problem... Here the version 0.2 ans 0.3 works. Ok, I See later what i can do :] ~~ New Version [v0.4 Soon]
Thats All I be Have : ]

Posted by blizaga
It's weird,am I the only one who's getting the problem? Ok I'll wait for the next version.

Posted by zizolz
bug found .. pictures corrupted 0.3
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Posted by blizaga
Still no updates huh?

Posted by DivineJakiro
can make for c903?

Posted by XxDaviDxX
sorry... I dont Have time... Really sorry :] My friend lend His C905 to Do test's here...
Next's Updates:
v. !Beta! 0.9 [Colors and speed Improved]
v. 1 !FinaL! [Color, Speed, rending photos, DPI sequence... Impvoving...]

I Do TEST"S Here. On next's weeks i Update here

C903 -> Maybe I can... But i dont have time Now :]
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Posted by blizaga
XxDaviDxX can we expect improvements in saturation? I hope so, the current driver still lacks colors. Thanks man!

Posted by XxDaviDxX
Updating :]

New Versions:

V0.4 !!Beta !Stable!!


v.0.5 !Beta! [ADD Saturated Colors... I test Here and... Don´t Liked... Need Improvements... But Test Anyone]

Top of the topic :]

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