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K850i camera button

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Posted by kamal825

I just replaced my housing on my K850i. The camera button has stopped working. It won't press in.

Anyone know how to fix it. The small button that turns on the camera works but the one next to it that takes the pictures doesn't. Does anyone know how to fix it.

Posted by ceaser2008
Hi kamal,

Visit this thread, it might help you.


Posted by hihihans
You can press the center softkey to take a pic too.

Posted by adsada
Hi, yeah you've basically broken the camera button. It's very sensitive as it's built up of like 4 different pieces which lay on top of each other, these can easily be knocked off when you opened up the phone (by sliding a credit card around the housing) and so for me, when this happened these were on the floor of my desk where I opened it.

So I'd advise you to go back to where you did the 'operation', and with a strong light look around for the 4 pieces.

Instructions of how to fit these back and what pieces to look for is in this thread:

If you cannot find these (they are very small) then you'll have to buy a whole new keypad membraine and fit this. There is also a link to a PDF file with detailed instructions on how to open it.

Good luck, happy to answer any more questions.

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