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Question about Orange (UK) Unlock Code?

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Posted by pj147
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (apologies mods if it's wrong).

I got a C510 PAYG from Orange and want to unlock it, but I've read that Orange won't unlock PAYG phones within the first 3 months after them being registered, can anyone confirm this?

I tried using Aerix, but it failed and hunting around on the forums I can see that it's usually because the CID is 53. I was going to check this with A2Uploader, but I haven't had chance yet. Whilst hunting around I noticed that quite a few people have complained about their batteries draining more rapidly after using Aerix, so now I'm not sure that I want to risk it!

I looked at D-Ultimate, but I saw a post on a forum somewhere alleging that the people behind that program are also behind Aerix and I've also seen a couple of posts with people complaining of the same battery drain issue after using D-Ultimate.

I'm thinking that the cleanest way to unlock it would be to go through Orange and pay the ~20 or whatever it is, but I don't want to have to wait 3 months before I can use my nice shiny new toy! So now I'm torn and don't know what to do. Maybe I should just eBay it and buy an unlocked one from Play.com?!

Any advice from the more knowledgeable people here would be appreciated...

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Posted by phonecrzy
Type in Google Aerix for Sony Ericsson and click the first one, or click here. It's completely legal so don't worry, its pretty much what those guys in the store do but they charge you for it because they have to do it. Enjoy.

P.S. This does not de-brand the phone, as in it wont remove the Orange startup logo's and the Orange and Rollercoaster theme that came with the phone and Orange World icons, if you want to debrand it as well click here for a guide on how to.

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Posted by Bonovox
I successfully removed all branding on an Orange c510 last year. The menus Orange use with them icons are ghastly. I used Davinci

Posted by pj147
Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice. I did try Aerix (as stated in my first post ) but in the end I sent the phone to FoneFunShop (not sure if I'm allowed to endorse companies here, but I was very impressed by their speedy service and reasonable price). Anyway, phone's now unlocked, which is great, but as you've pointed out, the Orange branding is ghastly!

I debranded my K800i a couple of years ago from Vodafone (with wotanserver) and the improvement was huge, so I've no doubt I'm going to have to do the same thing with this phone. Thanks for the link Ketan, that's a nice comprehensive guide, I might give that a go later...


Posted by pj147
Well, I did it! I followed the excellent guide that Ketan linked to and it worked a treat! It's so much better that my phone is no longer Orange and is now fully

Thanks Ketan.

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