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C902 + MW 600 (Aino) Bluetooth Headset

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Posted by gayannr
Ok guys! I've been reading many reviews about MW 600 Bluetooth headset and all of them concluded it as an amazing headset,

So I want to buy one for my C902, Please help me finding a place to buy it (eBay) is fine, but I couldn't find any on eBay

is there anyone who is using MW600 with C902 ? how is it. good ? how much did the headset cost you. ?

Thanks in advance
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Posted by hihihans
Aino headset is MW100

Posted by chumeodihia
MW600 is not release ^^'

Posted by nickmaleao
It is already on sale on ebay:


My HBH-DS980 were bought from this seller and it were genuine.

Posted by pt020

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Posted by gayannr
Thanks for the replies guys, I'll look in to that eBay link xD

Posted by maze013
yeah .. the girl like u is mp0cble to find ..

Posted by pishta
Hi, where you finally bought this headset?

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