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FS @ Play.com. 16Gb Micro SD card @ 25 inc P&P

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Posted by voda_jon
Hi everyone just bought the above for the price above... just have a look at the mobile sale page its the top item!!!

Well worth a purchase for your phones!

Posted by nicv27
Seems like they are having good deals on Micro sd cards at the minute. I got an 8gb one for 9.00 delivered

Posted by Nanu
there was a class 6 16GB to be had for 32 last week! though some report the Sandisk Class 2's run at class 6 speeds

Posted by number1
20del here

Posted by voda_jon
@number1 i'm not selling them play.com are at 25 delivered!

Posted by mysterio
heres the link

Posted by mriley
i got a 4GB for 20
Beat that!

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