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killed my W760 today by charger connector?

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Posted by Tidiot
Trying to unplug the charger connector (generic replacement) from my W760 resulted in pulling out the entire CONNECTOR out of the the phone. I can make calls, etc... but recharging is impossible.

I like my W760 - but spending $200 for a replacement is out of my budget, ouch!

And I don't think there is any (cheap or otherwise) charging bases that could be bought?

Removal of the charging connector has always been a bit tricky with my W760i - with some movement form the phone itself. But tonight, it snapped out the phone, broken in two pieces. The connectors looked like they are actually part of the phone itself. So simply sticking in the broken pieces may likely short out the phone. Cutting me off until I can get a replacement phone from somewhere.

I wish SONY would go USB for data and charging. Some friends have that on their phones and it makes life so much easier. The connectors are a LOT smaller and easier to plug / unplug. I have not like the SONY connector for my past three phones, but never broke the phone itself

I don't see much in any options... The K310 looks quite horrible with a tiny screen, but its $40 and should last me a while. I used to own the W350A which is perhaps one of the neatest looking but horrible phone to use. Too tiny for my hands... so I got the W760. Phones that are too thin... feel odd to me and the 350 was way to flimsy.

I guess if I could find someone with a semi-dead W760 or other phone that uses the type 38 battery, I can just charge my battery outside my phone (once every 2-3 days).

It sucks... my phone has worked very well for the 12+ months that I have it, and to have it suddenly damaged this way.

Posted by deluded
This should help you out:


Posted by Tidiot
Thank you, thank you! I was trying to find something like that on the Sony site.... which I haven't been to for many months. Which I must say, while looks a bit nicer, it has less info on their own products.

Anyways, I can get that online in a few days for $25 + S&H. at&t doesn't carry it and neither does the local Sony Style store (argh!). But the place I bought my phone from has it.

- - - -

Because I have a big gaping hole on my phone, exposing the electronics - I'm thinking of trying to shear off whats left of the connector ends (on the broken off connector) - put a dab of hot-glue to cover what maybe sticking out. Then gluing the broken piece back in.

Popping out the battery isn't much harder than sticking that connector in. This will allow me to save over the next few months to get another W760 or something better.

The J105 looks interesting at $120. The S500eu is down to $120... but I heard the buttons break on those. The W595 looks nice, but is smaller and feels flimsy compared the the W760 - both $180.

PS: when I called the Sony Style store, the woman on the phone said "Sony Ericsson?"... like what, is there a Sony TI or Sony Ford for me to choose from?

Posted by deluded
Don't mention it. I'm using it myself and it's been good so far. The best part is that it's compatible with all my different batteries. The W760 you have is probably better than the other phones you're thinking of getting. If you manage to seal the gap and can live with it, I'll suggest staying with it until you can get a much better phone. Another tip, you might wanna invest in a spare battery. I've seen them bundled with the charger before. It's useful cos I always have a spare battery with me and I can use my phone even when the other battery is being charged.

Posted by Tidiot
Well, my plan was to get another W760. My only issue with the design compared with my previous 2 SONY phones with this wide connector is that the GPS bar designed onto the connector has made it weak. Some movement. My old SONY z520 lasted me a good while - both died due to wear & tear on the wiring because of flipping it open. So I went to slider phones... so I don't have to use a key pad or FLIP open to talk to someone. But the bump buttons on the z520 were better for touch.

I don't want a SMART PHONE at this time. I do get that "You should get a G1 or iPhone"... really? You're going to pay my phone bill? Also, I don't like finger prints all over those phones. In 1-3 years, they will be cheaper, faster, data plans will be cheaper and they'll have coating on the phone that will NOT attract finger prints.

Until then, I like my SONY

A friend is lending me a Samsung... I HATE Samsung phones. The GUI sucks. But I love and sell their monitors and TVs.

I'll suggest staying with it until you can get a much better phone.

But yeah... I think you're right. I played with the W595 which looks great, but felt so cheap.

Maybe the new slider YARI will be priced good and work out... it looks nice. Theres also the W205 (looks a bit on the cheap - but nice looking), C903... does nothing for me. Another reason I like SONYs... it doesn't look like everyone elses iPhone & Razors and blackberries.

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