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FS: T-Mob PAYG Sim with 10 Credit

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Posted by Caspa
As per the title... Had to buy a PAYG handset (a lovely Nokia 2330 Classic! ) as I finally got too fed up with my G900 which has been playing up (couldnt handle waiting another couple weeks when I get my new business line and a lovely Hero!)

Therefore I have a T-Mob SIM complete with 10 credit if anyone wants, number is pretty decent... Its 07946 771 51* (FYI - last digit doesnt match with any of the others)...

Open to offers as I dont need it, but 5 and its yours...
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Posted by Caspa

No one wants a T-Mob sim with 10 of credit???

Posted by Flexasist
will give 4 for it, dont need it posting, just need the full number so i can send a message to it.

once message recieved u can bin it...

let me know and i'll make payment

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