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o2 again

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Posted by larry 68
Anyone know if a tariff with o2 should be inclusive of VAT ?
My previous online £25 account was and ive just upgraded to online £30 but was shocked that its with VAT on top

Posted by Bonovox
Well normally it should show as £29 something then plus vat to make it £30

Posted by larry 68
My £30 a month tariff is being charged at nearly £35 im not very happy (1st bill since upgrade)
as my old £25 was exactly that and less when the VAT went down.

Posted by Bonovox
Thats surely wrong

Posted by lukechris
Telephone call required me thinks

Posted by Caspa
Should be inclusive of VAT unless you are on a business tariff as they are all quoted ex VAT...
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Posted by larry 68
This is what it shows

Online 25 24 Month 02 Nov 09 - 30 Nov 09 -20.57
Online 30 24 Month 02 Nov 09 - 30 Nov 09 24.69
Online 30 24 Month 01 Dec 09 - 31 Dec 09 25.54

Total tariff £29.66

But the bill says

My tariffs 29.66
My monthly extras 0.00
What I've used
Mobile internet browsing and downloads

Total before VAT 29.66
VAT 4.45

Total new charges 34.11

Total amount due
We'll collect this amount from your account on or around 15 Dec 09.
Thank you for paying by Direct Debit.

Posted by Bonovox
That aint right. Sometimes companies charge extra not paying by DD but thats clearly showing you are. So that extra vat is so wrong

Posted by Mr Miyagi
Online 25 24 Month 02 Nov 09 - 30 Nov 09 -20.57
Online 30 24 Month 02 Nov 09 - 30 Nov 09 24.69
Online 30 24 Month 01 Dec 09 - 31 Dec 09 25.54

your old tariff was the online 25 plan. Your tariff changed on the 2/11/09. On your last bill
you pAid your old line rental in advance from 2 nov to 30 nov. You have been refunded back for that
Same period. This Is indicated by the -20.57 figure. For that same period you been charged
24.69 ex vat. Because that's when you started your new plan.
Because you pay your line rental in advance you have also been
charged 25.54 ex vat from the 1 dec to 31 dec. So if you add the debits and deduct it from the
credit above yes the line rental charges for this month will show
29.66ex vat. Which is right.
However on next month bill you will only see a line rental charge from 1 jan to31 jan at 25.54 which is 30.00 Inc vat.

The upgrade advisor looks like did not explain how ur next bill will look like in relation to line rental. That's all it is. But thr figures are correct. Fututre bills will be £30 Inc vat unless u incur other charges.

Hope the above explanation is clear. But if in doubt ur best place is to always contact o2 free from ur phone when they are open to get the best understanding of your bill.
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Posted by Caspa
Yeah, that bill makes sense to me too... Mr Miyagi's explanation is spot on...

Posted by larry 68
@mr myagi, thanks for the explanation
yes now that makes sense, convaluted way of going about it in my simple mind
but thats the joy of Telephonica I guess
should have learnt my lesson from my movistar days

Least now I cant relax instead of feeling £120 worse off

Posted by Bonovox
Thank goodness for that

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