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Internet on W810i useable?

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Posted by The W

I am looking for a phone which gets me to the internet for a price I can afford. So right now I have the W810i and I know it has IMAP and Opera, but I never tested it since 50 kb cost me a couple cents, I never dared of thinking a whole megabyte that way.

I checked that I can get unlimited internet with O2 for 10/month. So that would be something I could pay for. But a new phone like a galaxy or an xpress music cost 20 respectively 10 a month additionally, so that is more than I want to pay. So I would use the W810 then.

Can you use the IMAP Email on that phone for real, or is it pretty much unusuable in real life?

Posted by hihihans
Don't worry, it works.

Posted by The W
But I got that right, that the W810 only has GSM with GPRS and is like dialup speed?

And can use it via Bluetooth with my Mac to go online?

Posted by hihihans
I'll try with a W800 later.

Posted by The W
Okay, I found it:

HSCSD (max. downstream/upstream) ja (28,8/14,4 kbit/s)
GPRS (max. downstream/upstream) ja (53,6/13,4 kbit/s oder 40,2/26,8 kbit/s)
UMTS (max. empfangen/senden) nein

Scary with around 50 kBit/s

And no UMTS, that means internet on that thing will teach you patience.

Posted by hihihans
It can with bluetooth
tested with K850 & Imac.
btw? isn't that a better option,
you can get a K850 verry cheap these days.
it has 3g and there are a lot of free modifications around here.

Posted by carkitter
Yeah, would definitely recommend an A200 phone like K850i or W910 rather than the W810. It really has had it's day.
I'm not sure if the W810 can do BT Personal Area Networking, certainly a 2.4" or 2.6" screen of the later phones would be better.

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