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O2 to appear on Watchdog again

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Posted by Bonovox
O2 is to appear on the BBC Watchdog programme next week after complaints from residents of getting no signal in the small town of Liphook in Hampshire. Customers complained that from September the 1st they had no signal and the signal only briefly returned on the 25th of September. Complaints to Watchdog and Ofcom from customers have said they have seeked compensation and cancelled contracts due to loss of business. Nothing has been done about it. its the second time O2 have appeared on this programme before it was due to faulty k700 phones being sold when they knew they were faulty. see more of the story at http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk This town by the way Liphook is where my girlfriend is from

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Posted by masseur
here's the topic we had for that previous time

Watchdog slagging off UK Mobile Networks

Posted by Bonovox
I remember when it was on last time with the k700 text problem. Though with O2 being on Watchdog only twice in all them years its not that bad going really is it? My girlfriend said she seen the cameras there filming yesterday though we are having long distance relationship now. She is on 3uk so she has not suffered

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