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In what OM version is youtube capable to be browsed?

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Posted by JUM0NG
I'm wondering if i can watch videos on youtube using my OM4.2 editable server? If yes, please help!

Posted by brys182
sad to say but Opera Mini 4.2 doesn't support flash, you can use Skyfire.

Posted by virusjun2
All version of operamini can browse youtube but you cnt wtch/playd 'em with om. Like brys said, operamini as of the moment does not support flash.

Posted by Timothy19
help me 2,how can i have flash player on e250?

Posted by Cyborg_a0
sorry bro i think that is imposible, e250 only support java right? Flash player is only for s60 phones specially v3-v5 phones which is in symbian file, sisx format.

But you can try Bolt browser instead, it can play youtube, it converts the flash to 3gp.

Posted by kawaii

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Posted by lady_lynx29
Hi to all..

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