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C702 - play music over Bluetooth headset

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Posted by kokesh
I tried to play music from my SE C702 via bluetooth handsfree, but it kept playing through phone. What should I do? Should the handsfree support some protocol?

Posted by Fredrix
What kind of headset do you have?

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Posted by Lightspeed_x
@kokesh: The bluetooth headset must support A2DP (AADP or Advanced Audio Distribution Protocol) so you can play music through it...

If you're not sure if it supports it, you could go to the manufacturer's site to verify if it supports it....

Also, try this: Bluetooth turned on in your phone, play some music using the media center, then, turn on your bluetooth headset, in a few seconds, sound should be transferred to the headset and should stop playing through the phone's speaker.

Good luck!

Posted by anky10
Well,i am new in Esato will any tell me what is A2DP?&WHAT IS IT USE FOR?

Posted by pt020
A2DP is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[....]istribution_Profile_.28A2DP.29

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