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help to upload pictures by using OM.4.2 mod in my K700i.

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Posted by rajabines
hello? mga masters! have a nice day 2 all?! pls help nman on how to upload pic2rs on my friendster account frm my phone by using om.4.2? my phone s k700i and i am used om 4.2 my problem is i cannot upload pictures to my friendster account. any body encountered this kind of problem pls help nman. THANK A LOT.

Posted by chili
Gmorning bro, K700i has the old JP-3 Java implementation and does not support the JSR-75 API. In other words, Java applications (like OM 4.2) can't access locally-stored files. Better buy a newer model so you can enjoy OM 4.2 to the fullest.

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