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My SE K850i really dies when I take out the SIM card?

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Posted by wlagalvez
Hey guys. How is everybody?

I just wanted to know something. What happens if someday I cancel the service with my network provider - in this case T-Mobile USA, my phone really dies or not?. Once I tried, I took out the SIM card and the phones didn't do anything. Does this phone (SE K850i) only works with SIM cards?. Maybe later I just want the phone only to listen to music, without SIM card, there exist some trick to do this?

One thread says something about Opening phone without a SIM card: **04*0000*0000*0000#, after I press the # key it says Wrong PIN, only 2 attempt left. What should I do?

Thanks everybody for helping in this

Sorry for my bad English.

Posted by broad.mind
we called it unlocking.. try using third party applications like setool2lite,x++ etc. or try reflashing your phone.. but if theres something to do with the gdfs, that might be a problem.

Posted by hihihans
Leave the sim in your phone . It works with an inactive sim.

Posted by larry 68
Well my K850i definately doesnt work with inactive sim, only get the option of demo mode, had this problem with my O2 sim this week.

Posted by hihihans
Hmm strange, can't test. I have no old sim.

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