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o2 sucks. avoid

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Posted by Ranchero
Don't blink... avoid o2 like a twitching man with swine flu, if you want any hint of customer care or more than one out of ten service.
I am a journalist who has had the misfortune of having had a phone service and broadband service and all I can say it is the worst customer service I could ever have dreamt of.
I bought a Sony Ericsson phone from o2 that went faulty and they would do nothing to replace, but the manufacturer DID. Without question. Says it all.
o2 provided a mobile service after my Genie pay as you go unfortunately transferred to them and tried consistently to transfer me to another tariff without discussion, and attempted to changed my Wap allowance without any communication. The only way I got to keep it is through a complaint to the chief exec.
I got their broadband service and the speed was nowhere near how they sold it, and the modem was broken when it arrived.
Now they are restricting the number of emails any o2 user can send out at once to 25... or rather 15 in my case. WITHOUT LETTING ANYONE KNOW. No email to users, not even a reference on the website. Too much hassle, apparently.
All according to o2 in the email I have received to "relieve congestion in the network". What a load of nonsense!
And when I complain I get invited to pay for another service that would allow me to send more emails. It's all here in black and white... unbelievable.
There is a clear message here.
But then they were more than happy to communicate when falsely accusing me of sending hundreds emails at once... which is the most ridiculous nonsense since Mr Idiot became winner of Idiot of the Year competition in Idiotland. I have invited them to pay me a visit to see for themselves. Funnily enough the invite has not been taken up. Not interested in proper investigations.
And when they get a legitimate complaint, instead of sorting it out, they invite you to quit the service. Because they don't want people that complain. They don't like having to deal with legitimate trading standards moans. They have a dedicated officer.. not surprisingly.
I have the email dossier which supports everything.... they would make me laugh if it was not so serious.
This is just a taster of what to expect.... it's a file of o2 shame. And that is what it is... shameful.
These are NOT one off situations. It happens time and time again.
Suffice to say all traces of o2 will be wiped from our home, because they are a disgrace to the world of enterprise.
Eyes open, don't blink... o2 service across the boards is unacceptable and I would advise all that is thinking of hopping on board to run a country mile. Sorry, make that a thousand.

Posted by 10123
Every networks has its problems, i personally found Orange & Carphonewarehouse to be the worst places to shop with the worst customer service, while everyone else has never had problems with these networks. Just depends, too bad though on poor customer service though.

Posted by fluke9
Been with O2 4 years and can not fault them in any way.

Outstanding customer service.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
I have never had any problem with O2. The repair process they have is great from my experience. The customer service is all inside the UK. The broadband has been rated in the top 5 best providers all the time as well as the network.

Posted by owlsfan_72

I feel the same. Got the C905 and wanted to use the GPS with Google Maps which is blocked and the geo-tagging on photos which doesn't work. Obviously these features work on the phone, but O2 seem to have blocked them from working. Shocking.

Posted by Bonovox
At the end of the day whatever network your on some customers have unlucky or bad luck and service. Even top companies such as O2 no one is perfect. One minute you read loads of complaints about Orange then you read they been voted most reliable mobile broadband. Its swings and roundabouts. Im sure plenty have complained about every network saying they are the worst ever. I for one have myself.

Posted by weirdwilli
Been with O2 for about 4 years now, really pleased with them and their retensions line was fantastic too, which is supposedly the worst thing about other networks.
Had a hiccup with them when buying a refurb unit, but that was a while ago now

Posted by Mr Miyagi
I have had a terrible experience with 3. Wherever I went you get coverage, then all of a sudden your call kept dropping. The only network I had good experience with apart from O2 is Orange, but that was back in the days when Orange were good for cust service and the call centre's were not abroad.

Posted by Bonovox
Its different with me I had poor network experience with O2 but loved the value and customer service sometimes. Orange great network reliability coverage and customer service but terrible retail staff I recently went back to O2 its network is not as fast as Orange but I can live with it for now. Funnily enough I actually found Orange customer services in India really friendly helpful and knew what they were doing. Though it was nice sometimes when I spoke to someone on Orange here in UK. I am sorry you had bad experience sometimes it just happens that way guess O2 cant please everyone.

Posted by nicv27
I`ve been with O2 for 3 years or so and i have had no issues with them at all. The only network i had any major issues with was 3, although that was in their early days.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
I've been with O2 for about 4/5 years. Never had a problem, customer services have excellent everytime I have called. I have had my broadband with them since december and not had a problem, actually faster than they said by 2MB

Posted by Bonovox
Although I like 3UK value I would not go back to their network its piss poor for reliability. Maybe in another 5 years when its better. I do though think some networks have taken on more than they can cope with. All of a sudden the mobile networks are doing mobile broadband(though can hardly be called Broadband) and home broadband. And the networks are not always coping with the extra pressure with untrained staff. Though O2 I hear have had recently a 92% customer satisfaction rate in a report for their home broadband. Thats impressive. But at the same time I read on forums so many people complaining about it and all the other network with dreadful broadband speeds. Orange were rated worst then were later rated as best. Then O2 were rated best then Vodafone and T Mobile. Just makes me wonder who really is best and who is conducting these surveys? In my experience its where you live is where your broadband or mobile broadband is going to be best. Where I live Orange is my choice for mobile broadband its very fast.

Posted by nirave2
I have a blackberry, and an x1 with o2...

For blackberrys they are positively brilliant in my opinion. When I switched from orange to o2 for BIS services, I had a few problems - 6 hours of phone calls to Orange and got nowhere; a 15minute to phone call resolved all...

Regarding the repair stuff you said, O2 said to me (and have honoured it for few of my mates) that if a problem with a BB occurs, because Research In Motion like to do all their repairs in-house, o2 will organise a straight swap for a new handset...!

Another positive with o2 is the Unlimited Blackberry Worldwide Roaming package for £23.50 a month (+£10 if you don't have UK BB plan with them) - compared to other networks this is seriously seriously cheap - Vodafone, for example, charge £6 per mb!!!!

However, every network has its problems and one of mine with o2 is the very scarce reception problem and occasional sim-card issue... That brings me to another positive - the free sim card so if you lose your sim card, you can go to an o2 store and get a new sim free... Orange charge £15, T-mobile charge £10 but o2 do it for free!

As per above poster, avoid CPW... the salepeople are leeches, they mis-sell beyond belief, and its just not worth the hassle!
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Posted by golemsmate
Iíve had hardly any problems with o2 except one. I bought an Iphone 2nd hand, within warranty and i took it into the o2 shop. I explained the battery life was unacceptable and could they replace the handset. They refused, told me that my warranty was void and Iíd have to pay in excess of £100 to get a new battery. I almost swore at the guy but then bit my lip and walked out there and then.

The same day i went into the apple shop and thought Iíd try my luck there. I talked to one of their "genius" employees and she tested the phone and thought it was really low so she popped into the back and gave me a BRAND NEW iphone. I explained what o2 said and she just explained it was an excuse to fob me off, and it was no problem to replace it.

Only miff Iíve ever had, oh and nearly being charged £5,400 for overusing my "unlimited" bolt-on.

Posted by krazyd007
02 has always been great to me

Posted by o2victim
Epic O2 incompetence!

I NEED HELP. After numerous epic fails and broken promises by O2 in generating a printed accurate balance on a now unused account so I can have it closed, O2 finally put a figure of £300 due on my account in an email (so I have evidence), even specifying this as a ďone off paymentĒ. I paid the outstanding amount in full within 24 hours. O2 then CLOSED the account as agreed. Case over.........not.

Imagine my jaw dropping when a letter arrives from a debt collector, not O2, saying I owe O2 OVER £1600! O2 obviously think two off payments are the norm.

I have now gone to the telecommunications industry ombudsman but I'm concerned that the ombudsman website says they don't accept every case. I fear now that the apparently incompetent O2 have hired a competent company to do their work.

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Posted by Rookwise
Come September i'll be cancelling my contract with O2 after being with them for nearly 10 years (joined them when they were bt cellnet so basically from the start.) Have had enough of the network problems (mobile internet mainly) and sim faults. Will be moving to giff gaff.

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Posted by Greggy
Giffgaff uses the o2 network

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Posted by Rookwise
Yes I know that but they work out cheaper for us than the O2 online tariffs we're on atm. I would have gone with Vodafone but there's no signal where we live unless we go upstairs and lean out of the back window. Plus giff gaff don't use numpty O2's customer service staff.

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Posted by Bonovox
But with GiffGaff using O2 won't you just still have the same problems? I am the same with Vodafone I have GSM where I live but can be patchy downstairs but no 3G which for me where I live is a deal breaker I would love to stay with Vodafone otherwise

Posted by Rookwise
Only problems i'm getting is the awful customer service and slow internet via phone. Signal is excellent, call quality is excellent. I currently pay 35pm for 600mins, 1000 texts and free unlimited (apparently) internet. I'm not using anywhere near what I used to. Not even half the mins and texts that I have which is why I'm thinking of moving to giff gaff as I can get lower mins and texts but still have enough internet usage that I need for less per month and not tied into a contract as I always buy my phones sim free anyway.

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Posted by Bonovox
Yes I do buy sim free & what I get on O2 pay & go I never use it all.

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