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SE cz's P5i Photoshop concept is real !

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Posted by Exilim
Hey guys

Take a look at this!

I surfed around the internet, and found a mobile phone that I remember to have seen some where ells before..

It must be SE cz design they have nicked..

Link to site:


Posted by Dups!
Wow! That is an exact copy without the QWERTY keypad.

Posted by NightBlade
LMAO! Did they even pay him?

Posted by yea g
Rofl. At least his concept finnally became true

Posted by badassmam
I have to say that it does look fantastic in real life as well. Only if were to make it instead of these guys.

Posted by razec
Wow SE cz should sue them for stealing his idea

Posted by Yakkaimono

On 2009-04-15 13:17:29, NightBlade wrote:
LMAO! Did they even pay him?

If the chinese copy phones from known brands like Nokia, SE and Samsung and get through with that why should they pay him.

And sueing them wouldn't do much good I think.

Most probably the company thought that this concept was a real phone. They have their copies out most of the time before the actual phones are even released.

Posted by Exilim
I like this idea of making special looking phones after cool concept-designs rather than manking cheap copies of real manufactures phones.

Would totally prefer to buy some cheap copy-phones if its made from some non existing cool Photoshop concepts, rather than one of those ¨Ifone¨, ¨Eksperia 1X¨, and ¨Nokio N99¨

Posted by se_love
What the I don't even....
But seriously now I choked when I saw this. If only SE had the brains to make concept phones from fans I would be all over them.

Posted by Angello
i'd buy that if i was SE cz

Posted by tob!s
Hahaha! I can't stop laughing.

Posted by sale987
Display Looks very strange thats all folks

Posted by Exilim
The size, or res. of the screen?

Here's some more pics, of this photoshop copy-cat

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Posted by CrazyGuns
lol thats actually a really good job done by the chinese! they should make more phones outta the concept photoshops we have!

Posted by goldenface
You mean they made an actual phone out of a photoshop?

Some of these designs should be copyrighted. Then he could sue their asses for hundreds of thousands.

Posted by CrazyGuns
well goldenface how should nokia or se or apple feel when ALL of those chinese fake mobiles Clearly rip off their original designs and make cheap touch phones? they should sue the chinese too lol!

Posted by SE cz
OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SE cz
OMG again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing to say now, I don't understand it, sorry omg, omg, omg......

Posted by yea g
hahahaha, I always wondered what your initial reaction would be . Anyways, you gonna buy it?

Posted by SE cz
I got email, sorry, amazing !!!! I have nothing to say now, it's just amazing.... What should I say? I don't know now ....

Posted by SE cz
I know lot of excelent designers like Exilim of course, then Razec, WhiteEye, Pavlov's dog and so on, but this is ... I just have no words. See U all next month, I'm gonna to be drunk ...

Posted by AK
That's a really cool phone actually. I wish there was a company that could make your phone from scratch, not just internal parts but design as well. The real work would probably be getting an OS on there, like Android, and setting it up to work with that particular phone. Maybe the Chinese will do that in the future, if it ever happens I'm sure they'll be the first to offer that service..lol

Posted by se_love

On 2009-04-26 05:14:22, SE cz wrote:
I know lot of excelent designers like Exilim of course, then Razec, WhiteEye, Pavlov's dog and so on, but this is ... I just have no words. See U all next month, I'm gonna to be drunk ...

Yeah but this is a very buttony phone and it isn't complete. The backside is not how you wanted it right?

Posted by SE cz
Well, backside should have another look in my mind, but it is too late to make it I think )))

Posted by Residentevil
At least it made it!!!

Posted by SE cz
lol, I found thist topic over my email while making some order, I must laugh again

Posted by fairen
The design looks god except for the back side. Overall it looks something SE would whip up for their walkman phone series

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