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Topic title in bold - Does it mean anything?

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Posted by yea g
I noticed SOME topic titles are bold (on the topic page) but not all of them. Does the bold mean anything???

Posted by Twometre
Well I havent noticed that, maybe its because I havent been around for a while.
Can you link one topic here so that we can all see.

Posted by yea g
I would but...

...Its gone! theres no more bold titles! I guess laffen accidentally made a glitch.

Posted by jayminmedina
i also see some pages with bigger fonts but turn back to normal after some time..

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Could just be a Firefox glitch, or even just a small glitch with your individual computers...

Posted by yea g
Yea was just thinking it could be cause I installed a bunch of addons recently

Posted by carkitter
I think the admin have been playing around with things recently. Have you noticed the changes to each members post list?

Posted by yea g
Oh thats been like that since ages. Probably january or something

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