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Smart MMS (PH)

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Posted by akallabeth
ei i just recently got my t68i and since it is mms capable i want to know how to send mms. do i have to send it to the phone number, an e-mail addy or what? please help me! i am very lost!

for all smart users, how much is the service?

also, i asked nowMMS to send me a test MMS and i was charged P8.00 so i t is not free (at least for smart users)

niways, i hope u can send me mms i really want to experience the fun
thanks a lot!!!

watch lotr 2!!!

Posted by sad1k981

how do u know uve been charged??


Posted by akallabeth
cuz when i download it, i checked my balance and it was deducted, i know smart immediately updates my balance because when i send a txt msg my balance is immediately deducted by P1. I am sure that when I download the message i was deducted because before downloading my prepaid is e.g P 498.00 but when i download it and check my balance it became P488.57.

Posted by sad1k981

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