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Non mobile for sale section?

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Posted by vivid white
Would it be possible to get a section below Mobile Phones Wanted for all things "non mobile"?

Posted by masseur
can I ask what is wrong with the non mobile section for non mobile items?

long before you joined, non mobile items were totally banned for quite a while, and then they were finally allowed again, but with just a few rules

this is after all, a mobile phone forum... its not ebay. we don't want a focus on non mobile phone items as there are plenty of other places for such items.

in the non mobile forum you may advertise items that meet those few simple rules, but due to other non mobile topics they are not dominant, which is why they are tolerated

Posted by vivid white
Nothing is wrong with the current non mobile section but I just wondered whether it would help having one under the "Market" label.

I have noticed recently (and I dont know whether it has something to do with christmas being around the corner) that there has been an increase in the amount of non mobile items being sold.

I am in no way moaning. Was just wondering.


Posted by masseur
no prob. I'm happy to provide a bit of history to the topic, and it doesn't mean it always has to be the same, though I do think its still fairly relevant to the purpose of Esato

the original ban on non mobile items was because many people were signing up just to take advantage of the large Esato membership, and these new rules have most definitley reduced that problem, as well as spam in that area from people taking advantage

at the end of the day, its laffen that always has the last say, but my opinion is that what we have now is sufficient, and if your argument is based on a seasonal requirement then I am only further convinced that we need not change what we have

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