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LF: N95 Front Fascia T6 Screws

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Posted by ayejatt
Also required 2 T6 screws for the front cover for the n95 if anyone got them??



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Posted by Rookwise
I just happen to have a brand new T5 screwdriver which is surplus to requirements
Also have T6 screwdrivers and a oulling tool as well.



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Posted by number1
Is the oulling tool for picking phones apart with???

Posted by Rookwise
yup. Has an angled end on it. Will post a pic shortly if needed

Posted by ayejatt
i have the exact T6 screwdriver!!

want to swap or sell


Posted by number1
i could do with the oulling tool i had a few accidents with the pen knife.

Posted by ayejatt
oulling tool :S

is it a plastic opening tool???

Posted by Rookwise
This is the pulling tool.

Have the following spare:

1 T5 screwdrivers
2 Pulling tools
2 T6 screwdrivers
1 Cross head (Phillips/Pozzie drive)

Posted by Rookwise
Just put them in the accessories for sale thread


Looking for a couple of CDS-71's or a T650 pouch if anyone has any they want to swap.

Posted by ayejatt
the screwdriver not needed now...sorry

A t6 screw was stuck in the slide and hence needed a t5 screwdriver to remove the slider but managed to force it open and the t6 screw popped out

But I still need 2 T6 Front face screws if any have them


Posted by ayejatt
any1 got them before i hit gaybay...?

Posted by ukmobiles
why dont you try google as there manys sellers selling on

side screws avaliable
front screws avaliable
t6 screwdrivers
t5 screwdrivers

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