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I Cannot use my phone Vodafone have Blocked it?

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Posted by Miss UK
I have dialled several Numbers with my handset and it keeps saying

"Connection to this number is Restricted on this phone please call your Vodafone Agent" what the heck

ive tried to get into my online account and ive been unsubscribed??!

why on earth any help guys?

I can't even dial Customer services seem Vodafone have Barred me altogether for some strange reason I wonder if it's anything to do with me Updating my Phone over at Nokia

or have the plonkers not took my Direct debit details correctley?
they must of done as they made me pay a delivery charge for the darm phone when I had it

any ideas all?

Posted by Twometre
Are you sure of that you are not owing them something? If not and if that is not your previous phone check if it has not bee stolen. Mtn herere does that knowing that you will run to them and they wil have the phone if it was reported that it was stolen. You must also check your call call barings, they must have been blocked by mistake.

Posted by Nanu
Sounds like you haven't paid your bill, if the phone itself was blocked you wouldn't be able to make the call let alone hear a recorded message!

It may just be a simple cock up, but you'll need to ring 08700 700191 from another phone and speak to Vicki!!

I used to get this a lot with O2 and it was their fault they hadn't received the money!!

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Posted by Miss UK
Solved it...

something to do with changing from 24 months to 18mths or so the guy said, and they couldn't take the credit back they gave me

bit odd I know..

hope it doesn't happen again next month

Posted by Miss UK
I recieved a bloody horrible letter today off them about it,
wasn't impressed it said they had tried to contact me?

but they hadn't last calls still worked with that pre-defined code and they hadn't rang me at all.

Ive responded back to there email saying in future if this happens again can you please contact me instead of cutting my phone off stupid buggers wasn't happy this had happened fullstop.

Direct debit's were working as they deducted 3.66p off me last month so I didn't understand what the prob was, they were blaming my bank saying I had no money in there, I get bank balances to my phone every friday and I know how much I have in there I told him lol

I notified my bank to cancel 02-UK a while ago but they told me to use my Online banking fercility to do it so I know my bank haven't interfered..

Looks like it's Vodafones prob..

If they offer you to extend your contract and they credit your account Boys and Girls say "No" otherwise if you cancel then payments go abit Pete tong LOL

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