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Can you fake a mobile number for SMS?

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Posted by Hawky2000
One of the girls I work with is claiming I've sent text messages to her that I haven't! Is it possible to fake the number that a text message comes from?
Ive spoken to Orange who have said that on a digital network it is impossible (along with phone cloning)
As far as I know there is NO way that anyone could have got hold of my phone to send them.

I need to be certain before calling her a liar...

Any help would B GREATLY appreciated...

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Posted by Z___Z
Yes its possible. In the early days when there were a lot of free sms sites there were sites where you could enter a number as sender. This could be any number.

Posted by 701
Yes,it is possible to send sms with ur number but from the internet.here in my country,my mobile prov has a sms site,where i register with my number and when i send sms appears my own number without any extra info sayin its from the net.maybe she got this kind of account with ur number then sent sms.

Posted by 701
But faking the number from a phone is virtually impossible as all the work and traffic is done in servers...no way in my op.if it helps,i can tell u u can hide a number when sending sms.

Posted by Janimalius
Dude, maybe she likes you? Don'T call her a liar though ;-)

Posted by Hawky2000
Cheers but I don't need to 'hide' a number...

Could NE1 give me an example of a site that I could show her to prove it isn't me?

It might be that someone else is trying to cause trouble, in which case I ain't gonna accuse her of lying...

Posted by 2tangy
Has she shown you the text message that apparently has your number attached to it?

Posted by 701
As the other guy said, 'in the old days' it was possible.THESE DAYS they send u the temporary password on ur mobile so no prob should arise.BUT..i know a site that requires mail only: www.1rstwap.com.

Posted by Hawky2000
She hasn't shown me the text messages and I am 'allmost' certain that she's making it all up... I don't think NE1 else has seen them either...

That site, by the way, DOES require that you have the mobile number that you enter... It sends a Pass code to the phone number...

I was hoping that I could send a txt to her from her own number but am getting more and more certain that she is making it all up...

She gave a number to my boss that she said was mine and when he rang it someone answered who WASNT me... Is that possible if it was my number?

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Posted by ripburger

That's what I've been trying for a long time: hiding my number when sending a SMS...

How do I go about that?


Posted by Silex
Yes it's possible to fake a number. Two years ago, I used to downloaded a SMS generator (a client one) were I could put any number. It did use the mtnsms gateway to send the messages. It did work quite well. But I don't remember the name of the software and I think that Mtnsms is dead in the meantime. But it means that technically, you can do it.

Posted by 2tangy
Hang on, you just said your boss rang the number and that it wasnt your phone that rang. So surely its that other person whose phone did ring thats causing it all Isnt it? I'o sure i've missed something here so feel free to correct me :)

Posted by Hawky2000
Ok, the story goes...

She said that I'd been sending her text messages, which at first I thought was a wind up but it appears she was serious... She gave my bos a number which she said was mine and was the number she had got the text messages off... He rang this number but it wasn't me that answered... (He can't remember the number unfortunately)

She spoke to me about it and rang a number whilst I was there and someone else answered, she said this number was mine but I didn't see it and she hung up as soon as they answered...

I don't think that anyone has realy seen the text messages and she hasn't saved them...

All the evidence seems to point to her talking out of her behind but would rather give an alternative (ie, faking a number) than calling her a liar direct... (She might not want to own up now that other people are involved...)

End of essay At least now I know that it is possible to do it...

Posted by Cophia

If it's really a problem her operator will have the ability to pull out all the SMS messages sent to her mobile (they are stored from the network and backed up onto tape).

If she believes that someone is making a nusience SMS then she should report it to the police - it'l also get you off the hook as they can match it to your records to see if you sent the message from your phone (don't forget there is always an audit trail, for billing if nothing else).

Posted by Hawky2000
Don't think it's gonna B that much of a problem.

The boss is having a word with her and if nothing else I'll get my bill in the new year which will show EXACTLY what has been sent.

I've told the boss to suggest that she speaks to the police or at least her service provider...

Thanks for any and all help given

Posted by 701
@ripburger: it's a sim command we call it. it contains numbers and # but i haven't used it in a long time.I can find it out again from a coleague of mine but i gotta warn u ,if ur operator doesn't support the "service", then the code is useless.I'll b back with it here or i"ll set upo a thread as soon as i find it

Posted by wapchimp
I have a pc programe called smart sms-u can add any number or name for the sender-even 999

Posted by Hawky2000

Do U know NEwhere that this program can be downloaded? Or if it's small could you email me it?
Would B greatly appreciated...

Posted by shithappens
it would be virtually impossible to call yr number in your presence and some other bloke answers.....the only logical conclusion is that she's got a number in her phone with your name on it (but the number is not registered to you)...a clear case of mistaken ID and/or number...either that of a real whacked case of insanity.......

Posted by 2tangy
So, you and the girl was stood next to each other when she called the number. The phone that rang was NOT yours correct? (it stilled seemed confusing cos you said "it wasn't me that answered" which can be interpreted as it being your phone that rang but it was one of your mates the answered the call since you did not state it wasn't your phone)

Hate to be picky but if you're going to explain a situation then at least do it clearly

Posted by wapchimp
@Hawky2000 - just type in smart sms into a search engine - it was for nokia's - u can send ringtones pictures & normal texts - though it works with other handsets - I dont have it cos I formatted me hard drive a while ago and haven't got it back yet - it is a free download & has 30day trial period - u should be able to get a crack for it though - but 30days should be enough to prove 'cloning' a sms number is more than possible.

Posted by jellyellie
normally on thses sort of sites when you enter your mobile number to register with they send a txt with a code in to the number u registered with and u hav2 enter that code in on the website to prove u own that mobile.

Posted by 2tangy
Well... I think hawky was making it all up anyway from the start... he just wanted to get people to tell him about software that can block his number when SMS msgs were sent... he just wanted to do it the long way round and make up a story first.

Posted by Hawky2000

How nice for you...

It doesn't matter now because my phone bill has been produced (should arrive in a few days) and I only have the four texts I said I'd sent on it...

To B honnest I KNOW that she was making it up because apparently her boyfriend sent a txt to the number on her phone which WOULD have arrived to mine if he had and I never got it, but I'm just gonna drop it, my names in the clear so not realy bothered...

Thanks for NE help given.

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Posted by scottsteven
Hey 701 how would u hide ur number wen sending sms from a mobile?? That might be usefull do be able to do that! Thanx

Posted by john_33
Look on www.fakemytext.com, this service lets you fake a text/sms message to any phone world wide! really funny

Posted by jcwhite_uk
They also want 2 to send 4 texts. What a ripoff

Posted by hac_king
@hawkey n others.. mate first of all it so simple to find out dat msg was send actualy from ur no. or not. jst check the SMSC no of given msg if it is of orange..thn only ne1 cn blme u.. othrwise u hav prove.. dat givn msg has a diff smsc n dats y its n fake sms.
n 2nd thing to send fake sms simple use centSMS.com or mig33. i.e. register ne no. of ur frnd n use dat..

Posted by Greggy
if your juvenile enough to want to wind ya mates up http://smslynx.co.uk (click smslynx extra to sign up)offer cheap txts 5 quid for 60 txts u get 2 free to try before u buy credits

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Posted by dr.love
If you have SIM-MAX, you can copy anybody's sim in your SIM-MAX, it like extention of the otiginal nomber, but she must have your sim to doplicate.

Posted by SE4NICK
Were u get sim-max

Posted by BobaFett
i do remember a swiss site what offered this feauter once

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Posted by zapper1
Hello, you can do this within the UK using this website ***link changed***

Hope this helps.
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Posted by koss
There are many similar sites. Google it!

Posted by zapper1
Recently update website;


Unlike other websites only a small donation is required to test if the service works in your country.

Hope this helps.

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